Who Was Skylar Staten Randall Mother Janine Staten? Family Tree

Skylar Staten Randall mother has trended due to the passing of her father, Bryan, who was in a long-term relationship with Sandra Bullock.

Skylar Staten, an up-and-coming model, was born in September 1993 in Los Angeles.

She is the offspring of the late photographer Bryan Randall and her deceased mother, Janine Staten.

Both of Skylar’s parents faced challenges with substance abuse during her upbringing.

Consequently, Skylar resided with her grandmother, Pierrette, before returning to Los Angeles to complete her high school education alongside Bryan.

After high school, Skylar relocated to Arizona for her college studies.

On August 7, 2023, it came to light that Skylar’s father, Bryan Randall, had passed away following a three-year struggle with ALS.

Following his demise, people’s focus has been shifted to other family members, including his wife, Janine Staten. Let’s learn about her.

Who Was Skylar Staten Randall Mother, Janine Staten?

As mentioned, Skylar Staten Randall is the daughter of the late photographer Bryan Randall and her mother, Janine Staten.

While Bryan was able to overcome his addiction struggles, unfortunately, Skylar’s mother, Janine, passed away on January 7, 2004, due to her battle with addiction.

Despite being the daughter of a renowned photographer, Skylar chooses to stay away from public attention and uses her mother’s surname.

Bryan’s family told People magazine they were deeply saddened to announce his peaceful passing on August 5 following a brave battle against ALS.

They mentioned that Bryan had decided to keep his ALS journey private early, and his caregivers did their utmost to respect his wishes.

Bryan’s family extends immense appreciation to the relentless doctors who navigated through the complexities of this illness alongside us.

They are also grateful to the incredible nurses who became integral to his life, often setting aside their family commitments to support him.

At this juncture, we respectfully seek privacy to grieve and come to terms with the heart-wrenching reality of having to bid farewell to Bryan.

More On Skylar Staten Randall: Family Tree And Relation

Skylar Staten Randall experienced the loss of her mother a long ago, and her father, Bryan, was romantically involved with Sandra Bullock.

To illustrate, in September 1993, Randall became a father to his daughter Skylar with his former partner, Janine Staten.

In January 2004, Janine, Skylar’s biological mother, passed away due to her struggle with substance abuse.

After 11 years, in January 2015, Sandra and Bryan initially crossed paths when she hired Bryan to photograph her son Louis’ birthday.

Sandra, a mother of two, adopted Louis in 2010 and welcomed Laila into her family in 2015, shortly after her relationship with Bryan began.

Although their relationship was relatively new, Bryan rose to the occasion and, as Sandra expressed, set an example she would want her children to follow.

In October of that same year, they publicly appeared on the red carpet after being seen together on multiple occasions.

During a conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith on Red Table Talk, Sandra candidly discussed her bond with Bryan and why they haven’t pursued marriage.

According to her, they were contained with three beautiful children, and she did not require a piece of paper to stay committed to someone.

Bryan was a father to three children: Skylar (his daughter with Janine), Laila, and Louis, who Sandra Bullock adopted.