Who Is Sarah Jindra Husband Brent Taylor? Kids And Family

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Sarah Jindra is an American news reporter and has been assisting drivers in commuting to and from work since 2008 when she first began covering Chicago traffic.

Additionally, she works as a traffic reporter for WGN and is an American Certified Trafficologist.

Jindra became a WGN/CLTV staff member in August 2012 and covers traffic for the WGN Morning News.

Moreover, she worked as a traffic reporter for Chicago Public Radio and WMAQ-TV before joining WGN/CLTV.

She also worked as a general assignment news reporter for WCIA_TV in Champaign before shifting to traffic reporting.

The journalist earned an M.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University and a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

Who Is Sarah Jindra Husband Brent Taylor?

Sarah Jindra’s husband Brent Taylor is a passionate traveler who has seen the world’s distant corners, embracing other cultures and enlarging his worldview.

He has succeeded in his career and has been praised for his leadership qualities and capacity for original thought.

Further, Sarah Jindra’s husband has achieved substantial advancements in his profession throughout a long and successful career, creating a lasting impression on his industry and peers.

Moreover, he has traveled extensively, immersing himself in various cultures and gaining a view of the world that shapes his behavior and choices.

In addition to his professional achievements, Brent Taylor is praised for his charitable work.

Also, he is a passionate supporter of social causes, regularly participating in community endeavors and nonprofit groups.

Likewise, Brent has been admired by many around him for his genuine charm and kind heart throughout his life.

Furthermore, he is an experienced personnel who has excelled in his field and is respected for his innovative ideas and sharp strategic understanding.

Nevertheless, the traveler maintains his personality and approachability, always willing to offer assistance or serve as a mentor to those around him.

Sarah Jindra’s Relationship With Husband Brent Taylor: Kids And Family

Many of her fans may be charmed by her voice and appearance. However, beautiful Sarah had a long-term relationship with Brent Taylor.

Following a 15-year courtship as boyfriend and girlfriend, they decided to wed on April 21, 2012.

However, the exact place of their wedding has not been revealed yet.

As a symbol of their love, the couple welcomed their first baby boy Ty Patrick after four years of marriage in 2016.

Further, when WGN hired Sarah to work in the morning news, she moved to Chicago. On August 8, 2018, she dropped a pregnancy update on her followers.

Additionally, she broke the news live on television while hosting the WGN morning news. Ava Kathryn, the second child, was born on December 21, 2018.

Furthermore, they are a happy family of four members.

Besides, she hasn’t disclosed anything about her family or parents since she values maintaining a separation between her personal and professional lives.

Sarah Jindra’s Net worth and Earnings

Working as a Traffic presenter for WGN-TV Morning News, Sarah Jindra acquired her whole net worth. The renowned television network WGN-TV is well recognized for paying its reporter a significant wage.

Since Jindra has been a frequent WGN-TV anchor since 2012, she undoubtedly earns a respectable income.

Moreover, a traffic reporter for WGN TV typically earns about $61,600 per year. Therefore, we could conclude that Sarah appears to receive a wage from the network significantly more than the average.

Furthermore, her estimated net worth is expected to range between $1 million and $5 million.