Who Is Michael McDowell Adopted Son Lucas? Age Gap And Family

Michael McDowell has established himself as a true NASCAR icon, and as such many are curious about Michael McDowell adopted son, so let’s get to know him further in the article.

Born on December 21, 1984, Michael McDowell is a professional American stock car racing driver actively involved in the NASCAR Cup Series. He races full-time with the No. 34 Ford Mustang Front Row Motorsports.

Michael’s racing journey began in open-wheel and sports car competitions, including Formula Renault and Champ Car. However, in 2006, he shifted gears to stock car racing, debuting in his first Cup Series season in 2008.

But it wasn’t that great of a debut attracting major attention for a different reason: his violent crash at Texas Motor Speedway during the qualifying round.

It was one of the most terrifying crashes to date, but thankfully nothing serious happened, and he survived the wreck fully unscathed.

Although there were a few ups and down in his career since the crash, Michael McDowell won the 2016 NASCAR Xfinity Series, followed by the Daytona 500 win in 2021, which truly solidified his name as a NASCAR legend.

Just recently, he won the NASCAR Cup’s Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road-Course Race on August 13, 2023, which earned him a NASCAR playoff spot.

With such accomplishments, fame naturally skyrocketed, and many people began becoming curious about his personal life and family, especially Michael McDowell adopted son.

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Who Is Michael McDowell Adopted Son Lucas? Age Gap and Adoption

In 2016, while Michael McDowell was at the Richard Childress Racing shop making preparations for the XFINITY Series, his wife, Jami McDowell, was on the other side of the continent visiting China.

Jami McDowell went there to adopt a child and add a new member to the McDowell household, eventually returning with a three-year-old boy, Lucas.

The McDowell couple had an initial plan that they were going to have one child and adopt another one, thinking two would be manageable.

But while they were waiting, they had two more, making it three, and with Lucas’s adoption, their number of children became four.

Reportedly, Lucas was left in the street when he was just five days old because he had cleft hands and feet. It was something that, with little help, he would be able to do perfectly normal things like grabbing and walking without any difficulty.

This could also be one of the reasons why Jami decided to adopt Lucas.

The adoption news was reported in 2016, and Michael McDowell adopted son Lucas was only three years old at the time. So he would be around ten years of age now.

However, since Lucas is still a minor, there’s not much other information available on him.

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Michael McDowell Adopted Son Lucas Family Members and Advocate

Before Lucas was introduced into the McDowell family, Michael and Jami already had three children: Trace, Emma, and Rylie.

But that’s not all! Recently on February 22, 2023, Michael McDowell tweeted the birth of a new girl Isabella Grace, making the family count a total of five children.

The parents of them all, Michael and Jami McDowell, had first met when they were just fifteen years of age.

So it just goes to show how their relationship has worked out and how they still remain affectionate of each other.

On a different note, they have also been actively advocating for adoption from disadvantaged communities around the world.

Even before adopting Lucas, Michael had told The Roanoke Times that:

“It’s just amazing to see things that we might see on TV. (But) we don’t grasp it. We go, ‘Oh man, that’s tragic,’ and then we just go back to our life. This was an eye-opener for me because we could see it and it was personal.”