Who Is Francois Morency Parents ?

Who Is Francois Morency Parents ? François Morency, the renowned Canadian comedian, host, and journalist, has captured the hearts of audiences with his humorous content and engaging presence on reality shows.

Beyond the limelight, let’s delve into the details of François Morency’s family life, his parents, siblings, and the personal anecdotes that make him the person he is today.

François Morency is a multifaceted personality known for his witty comedy, captivating hosting skills, and insightful journalism. His journey is shaped not only by his professional accomplishments but also by the influence of his family.

François Morency Personal Life

While François Morency’s public life is well-documented, his personal life remains relatively private. His interactions with his family, especially his nephew, offer a glimpse into his potential as a loving husband and father.

Who Is Francois Morency Parents ?

At the core of François Morency’s life are his parents, Jean Pierre Morency and Rollande Morency. Born on 20 June 1996 in Quebec, Canada, François is the eldest son of this loving couple.

François Morency’s bond with his parents extends beyond blood ties. Together, they run a family program titled “Discussion with My Parents,” an adaptation of François’ book released in 2017.

This program offers a fictionalized glimpse into his life and provides insights into his relationship with his father and mother.

Jean Pierre Morency, François’ father, is a significant figure in his life. He is the youngest among fourteen siblings and once owned the Morency hardware store in Upper Town, Quebec. Involved in various community roles, including the chamber of commerce and credit union, Jean Pierre is portrayed as a faithful and protective figure in François’ life.

Rollande Morency, François’ mother, hails from Saint-Grégoire and grew up with eight siblings. Her story intertwines with Jean Pierre’s as they met while she worked at Dominion Textile. Their union resulted in three children, and Rollande is depicted as a carefree, supportive, and humorous individual who shares a deep bond with her son.

François Morency Siblings

François Morency’s family circle expands to include his two siblings, younger brother Raynald Morency and sister Judith Morency. Raynald, a trained mechanic residing in Quebec, shares a close and jovial relationship with François.

On the other hand, Judith, an administration managing graduate and social activist, adds a unique dimension to the family.


François Morency’s journey from a renowned comedian and host to a loving son and sibling underscores the importance of family in shaping his identity.

His parents’ unwavering support, his sibling’s camaraderie, and his own personality traits blend seamlessly to create the dynamic individual that audiences have come to adore.