Where Is Rod Mackey Going After Leaving 9News? New Job And Salary

Where is Rod Mackey going? Following his departure from 9News, people are curious to know where their favorite sports director is going. 

Rod Mackey is a veteran sports director who is best known for covering the Colorado sports scene for over two decades.

He is a passionate and knowledgeable reporter who has witnessed some of sports history’s most thrilling and historic moments.

The sports professional is also a friendly and humble person who has earned his peers’ and fans’ respect and admiration. Rod Mackey is more than just a sports director.

The American journalist joined the KUSA in 2000 and has been working for over two decades with 9News. The sports reporter ended his long journey with the network and bid farewell on 3 August 2023.

Following the news, his fans and many others are eager to learn about his next career move. Here is what we know about it.

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Where Is Rod Mackey Going After Leaving 9News?

After over two decades of remarkable tenure as a sports director at 9News, Rod Mackey bid farewell to the network.

The news has left viewers and colleagues curious about his next move. Having joined the network in 2000, Mackey has been a familiar face in the world of sports journalism.

After 23 years, Mackey is leaving. Since joining KUSA in 2000, Mackey has witnessed numerous events, including championship parades and Super Bowls.

The Colorado native earned degrees from the University of Colorado-Boulder and Evergreen High School.

During his time at 9News, Rod Mackey has made an indelible impact on the newsroom and the broader journalism community.

Rod Mackey Said Goodby To 9News On 3 August.

On Thursday, 3 August 2023, Rod appeared live on-air with Kim Christiansen to say goodbye and share some of his best memories.

Rod said his time with the network was wonderful. “All the coaches, the players, all the people I worked with, everyone back in the sports department – it’s really been a fun ride,” added the departing 9News official

Mackey’s departure from 9News was undoubtedly an emotional moment for both him and his colleagues.

As he signed off for the last time, viewers across the region expressed gratitude for his years of dedicated reporting and wished him well in his future endeavors.

He will undoubtedly be missed in the Colorado sports scenes.

Moreover, Mackey’s departure will undoubtedly leave a void at 9News, where he had become an integral part of the team.

However, his departure also presents an opportunity for new talents to rise and the network to continue its legacy of delivering high-quality journalism.

Rod Mackey New Job And Salary

While his departure from 9News may have surprised some, it is natural for people, including journalists or sports directors, to seek new challenges and growth opportunities.

Mackey has yet to reveal his next move officially. There have been no public announcements about his new job, and even his potential salary at the new venture remains a well-guarded secret.

He has not talked about his future plans publicly yet. Maybe he wants to keep it a surprise or is still exploring his options.

But Mackey will certainly inform his fans and followers once he decides.

Whether he chooses to remain in the realm of sports journalism or venture into new media formats, it is certain that Mackey will excel in it.

Also, considering his skills and experience in the field, he will certainly be awarded a handsome paycheck.

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