What Is Jeff Petry Net Worth?

Jeff Petry, officially known as Jeffrey Petry, is a skilled American ice hockey player. He developed a love for ice hockey at a young age and has remained dedicated to the sport throughout his career. With his exceptional skills and performance, he has become one of the most sought-after players in the ice hockey world. Currently, Jeff Petry is a professional ice hockey defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Jeff Petry Early Beginning

From a young age, Jeff Petry developed a deep passion for playing ice hockey. He loved the thrill of gliding on the ice and chasing the puck. This passion fueled his determination to excel in the sport and paved the way for a successful career.

Jeff’s talent and hard work did not go unnoticed. In the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, he was selected by the Edmonton Oilers in the second round, making him their highest draft pick that year. He signed a two-year, entry-level contract with the Oilers after completing his collegiate journey.

Jeff Petry’s professional journey began with the Edmonton Oilers’ AHL affiliate, the Springfield Falcons. He played his first professional game on March 26, showing his skills and potential on the ice. Soon after, he joined the Oklahoma City Barons, the Oilers’ new AHL affiliate, for their inaugural season.

What Is Jeff Petry Net Worth?

As of August 2023, Jeff Petry, the talented ice hockey defenseman, has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million. His impressive net worth is a result of his successful career as a professional ice hockey player.

Throughout his career, Jeff has showcased his skills and dedication on the ice, which has earned him lucrative contracts and endorsements. As a key player for the Montreal Canadiens and previously the Edmonton Oilers, he has consistently performed at a high level, making him one of the sought-after players in the National Hockey League (NHL).

In addition to his earnings from playing hockey, Jeff may have other sources of income, such as sponsorships, investments, and business ventures. However, the exact details of his financial portfolio may not be publicly disclosed.

As a responsible and talented athlete, Jeff Petry has not only achieved success in his sport but also secured a comfortable financial standing for himself and his loving family.

NHL Debut and Becoming a Regular

Jeff’s hard work and talent earned him a place in the Edmonton Oilers’ NHL roster during the 2011-12 season. He played in three regular-season games before being assigned back to the AHL temporarily. However, he quickly made a mark and returned to Edmonton, where he played in 73 games, becoming a permanent member of the team.

In 2015, Jeff Petry’s journey took a new turn when he was traded to the Montreal Canadiens. He continued to shine as a defenseman, showcasing his skills and becoming a vital player for the team. In 2020, he signed a four-year contract extension with the Canadiens, solidifying his position as a key player.

In 2022, Jeff Petry was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins. However, his time there was short-lived as he was traded back to the Montreal Canadiens on August 6, 2023. His return to Montreal was met with excitement and anticipation from fans who admire his talents and contributions to the team.


Jeff Petry’s journey in ice hockey has been filled with dedication, hard work, and talent. From his early passion for the sport to becoming a prominent player in the NHL, he has proven to be a valuable asset to the teams he plays for. As he continues to impress on the ice, fans eagerly look forward to witnessing more of his outstanding performances in the world of ice hockey.