WATCH: Manipur Woman Video Viral Paraded Original Without No Blur

WATCH: Manipur Video Viral Paraded Original Without No Blur Sparks Controversy Online.

Netizens Look for Manipur Video’s Original Link Two women paraded in Manipur baring all, and videos of the event went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Two months after the event, a Manipur video Link of two Kuki women being paraded in their pants and being sexually assaulted went viral online, and political figures are now calling for harsh punishment for those responsible.

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Manipur Woman Paraded Viral Video Original Without Blur

Manipur woman paraded viral video original without blur

The central government would also punish Twitter severely for sharing the despicable act carried out by the inhumane mnas in Manipur.

A dishonorable deed that has degraded India’s dignity and brought shame upon our country was just uploaded online and was searched by millions of people on May 4, 2023. On May 4, a horrible tragedy took place in the village of B Phainom in the Kangpokpi district.

Conflicts have occurred in Manipur between the two societies, the Meiteis and Kukis.

The disagreement is brought about by the Meiteis’ request to be included in the ST class as a community.

According to the accounts, a group of peasants came across a gang while looking for sanctuary in a nearby woodland. Manipur women paraded video viral original.