Tom Jones Illness and Health Before Death: Did He Die of Cancer?

Tom Jones illness has been searched by many people on the internet following his death on August 11, 2023. Here’s more about his health issues.

Tom Jones was a notable lyricist and librettist who was widely famous for The Fantasticks, 110 in the Shade, and I Do! I Do! He was active in the scene for a long time.

Likewise, Jones was noted for writing the screenplay for the 1995 feature-film adaptation. He even acted in a New York City revival of The Fantasticks and served as its director too.

Furthermore, Tom was credited as an actor in the show as Thomas Bruce. He also authored Making Musicals: An Informal Introduction to the World of Musical Theater.

Tom Jones Illness Explored

Following the death of Tom Jones, people started asking questions about his illness. Jones was dealing with some health issues, and he was open about it.

The topic of his illness first came into the media in 2022 when it was revealed that Jones had been diagnosed with viral laryngitis. Due to that, his show was also canceled.

For your information, laryngitis is an inflammation of your voice box (larynx) from overuse, rage or infection. Apart from that, he also had some problems, which he used to talk about in his stage shows.

During his stage shows, Jones has told fans he could only perform around four songs before his remaining real hip started causing problems. Once, he was seen using a cane to help him stand and spent the majority of the show sitting down. 

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Tom Jones Health Before Death

As said earlier, Tom Jones health condition was not fine before his death. He had some problems with his legs, and in 2017, Jones got his left hip replaced.

Due to that, he later started having some problems. Apart from that, Jones was once rumored to have collapsed, which left many of his fans and followers .

After that, his followers started asking questions about his Instagram posts, and later Jones said that it was just a rumor and he had not collapsed anywhere.

Jones took to his Instagram handle, writing, “I did not “collapse” anywhere at any time; that is pure rumor.” So, it was just a rumor which circulated on the internet without any truth.

Did Tom Jones Die of Cancer?

Yes, Tom Jones was reported to die of cancer. At the time of his passing, Jones was 95 years old. Dan Shaheen, a co-producer of The Fantasticks shared the news.

Dan said that Jones died Friday at his home in Sharon, Connecticut, and his cause of death was linked to cancer. Further information about Jones’ cancer diagnosis is not available in the public domain.

His son Michael said that his father  from cancer but didn’t give further info. Due to that, it remains unclear when Jones started dealing with cancer.

Moreover, the details may get updated soon as Jones’ fans and well-wishers are eager to know more info. To the loss of the Jones family, the Genius Celebs team pays a heartfelt condolence to the whole family, friends, and close ones.