TikTok Star Chris Rooney Found Safe After Disappearance

TikTok Star Chris Rooney Found Safe After Disappearance: The TikTok community was recently hit with the news of the disappearance of popular creator Chris Rooney, also known for featuring his adorable niece Marleigh, fondly called “The Yeet Baby,” in his viral videos.

Concern and worry spread rapidly on social media as fans and followers searched for any information that could lead to his safe return. Thankfully, an Instagram post on August 3, 2023, announced that Chris Rooney has been found safe, putting an end to the anxious wait.

Who is Chris Rooney?

Chris Rooney is a 35-year-old TikTok star residing in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Known for his entertaining content featuring his niece Marleigh, “The Yeet Baby,” his videos have captured the hearts of millions, and his TikTok account, @theyeetbaby, boasts over 1 million followers. Chris’s personal account, @chrisrooneyy, has also garnered a substantial following of 230,000. However, his popularity and fame have not been without their challenges.

The Concerning Split and Addiction Struggles

Apart from his TikTok success, Chris Rooney has faced some personal struggles. He was previously married to Emily Rooney, and unfortunately, the marriage did not work out, leading to a reported divorce. Tragically, the couple had to endure two miscarriages. In addition to these heartbreaks, Chris has been open about his battle with addiction issues and his efforts to get sober.

Fans have expressed concern for his well-being, suggesting that dealing with these hardships while being a public figure on TikTok might be overwhelming. Some even believe that stepping away from social media for a while could help him heal.

Community Support and Spreading Awareness

When news broke about Chris Rooney’s disappearance, the TikTok community rallied together. Fans shared their concern on social media platforms and desperately searched for any information that could help locate him. Creators like @joysparkleshine even made videos explaining the situation and his life circumstances based on what was shared on social media.

Though the reasons behind Chris and Emily Rooney’s separation have not been publicly disclosed, fans speculate that the couple’s struggles with addiction and the traumatic experiences of miscarriages might have played a role. Regardless, the community stands with him, offering support and understanding during this challenging time.

Chris Rooney’s Career and Education

Outside of his TikTok presence, Chris Rooney is a realtor at KW Metro Center in Midlothian since August 2018. He pursued an education in advertising, attending both Virginia Commonwealth University and Radford University.


TikTok star Chris Rooney’s disappearance sent shockwaves through his community, leaving friends, family, and followers worried. Thanks to the collective efforts of fans and the power of social media, Chris was found safe and sound. As he continues to navigate life’s challenges, he can rely on the support and care of his dedicated followers. The TikTok community has once again shown its strength, compassion, and love for one of its own.

Thankfully, Chris Rooney has been found safe after going missing. The TikTok star’s community showed incredible support during this difficult time, reminding us of the power of unity and compassion. As he continues his journey, he can lean on his dedicated fans who stand with him, cheering him on every step of the way.