Ronan Lebraut Wikipedia And Alter: How Old Is The Ateliers LR Etanco SAS President?

There is an increasing curiosity among people to know about Ronan Lebraut wikipedia details after knowing he became the CEO of his father’s company. Also, learn about his age.

Ronan Lebraut is the CEO and president of the Ateliers LR Etanco company. It was a  family business handled by the family members.

Suddenly after the death of his father, Ronan became the new hire of the company with around 600 employees.

The business was founded by his grandfather in 1952, which creates fixing solutions for building envelopes.

Moreover, his father and grandfather together handled the family business.

But Ronan’s father’s devastating and unexpected death in 2003, followed by his grandfather’s death only two years later, had a significant influence on both the family and the company.

After facing a lot of difficulties, he saved the company from being closed and proved his talent to the world.

Ronan Lebraut Wikipedia And Alter: How Old Is The Ateliers LR Etanco SAS President?

Ronan Lebraut wikipedia has sparked the interest of many people. However, he does not have a separate wikipedia page.

The information about Ronan can be found in multiple places on the internet.

Lebraut was born and raised in France. However, his date of birth has not been disclosed yet. So, his alter cannot be guessed as of now.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the businessman has completed his primary education at ESCE International Business School.

Further, he has done his high school at ISC Paris Business School.

Moreover, Ronan was the CEO of Etanco Group for almost about 19 years. After that, he became the CEO of LR Advisory.

Currently, he is serving as the Président fondateur of the LBO Club.

Ronan Lebraut Family

Ronan Lebraut’s success story has inspired many people, and they want to learn about his family members.

Ronan is very personal about his private life. So, he hasn’t shared his family details in public.

It is known that he had a father and a mother. However, their names are not public.

His parents raised him in his hometown and their upbringing has shaped him to be a nice person that he is now.

He has always followed his family’s values and ethics and never disrespected them which turned him into a gentle and kind person.

Also, Ronan is very intelligent since his childhood. He enrolled in business studies and completed his education in Business Management.

There is no news about his siblings, so it cannot be known if he has any.

He also had a grandfather who always loved him like a little boy even when he was an adult.

His father and grandfather’s hard work and dedication towards their business motivated and encouraged him to be like them in the future.

Lebraut followed their path, and after the demise of his father and grandfather, he handled their family business like his own.

Although the initial days were difficult for him to take care of the company alone, he used his intelligence to make the company stand again.

Ronan Lebraut Net Worth

Ronan Lebraut has already become CEO of two companies. So, he must have earned a handsome amount of income from both of his companies.

The net sales and operating income margin for Etanco were roughly 258 million euros and 19.7% for the full year that ended on September 30, 2021.

The Simpson’s manufacturing company offered $818 million to acquire the Etanco group, and Lebraunt accepted the offer.

This has earned him a huge amount of money. He is also the president of the LBO club in Paris. This is also another source of income for him.

Although the exact number of his net worth is not provided, he is a millionaire.