Remi Lucidi Enigma Fall Video; Death Banot On Twitter & Reddit

Remi Lucidi Enigma Fall Video; Death Banot On Twitter & Reddit (Watch Full Video)

Remi Lucidi a Frenchmen who used to perform stunts and took his stunt photography to another level. Now, the video of his last stunt is going Viral On Reddit.

He used to climb the tallest building in the world and record his stunts. Unfortunately, when he climbed the Tregunter Tower in Hong Kong, his stunt failed, and he fell from 68th floor of the building to his death on Thursday.

Remi Enigma Fall Video Video Dead Lucidi Death Banot

The tower he climbed in Hong Kong was a residential building.

As per details on Youtube, police notified the media that they had found a body of a 30-year-old man on the patio of a building. The man was later identified as Daredevil Remi Lucidi.

It is claimed that Remi fell after he lost his balance and fell from 68th floor of the high-rise building. On Tiktok, the alleged footage of the scene is going viral.

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As per further police investigation, Remi was alive at around 7:30 pm on Thursday as he knocked on a penthouse’s window on the 68th floor. After seeing Remi, the housekeeper was frightened and called the police for help.

During their investigation, police could not find Video Death but found many stunt videos. Police have also stated that Remi was involved in extreme sports after seeing those videos.