Nikolai Steinberg Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Nova. Self – Former Chief Engineer?

Nikolai Steinberg Wikipedia: He is a former Chief Engineer at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Find out more details about him in this article.

Nikolai Steinberg is a former Chief Engineer at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Also, he was among the Ukrainian engineers who built the plant near the Soviet city of Pripyat.

Not only that, but Steinberg was also Head of Turbines in the summer of 1982 when a serious incident happened. He made headlines after condemning the cowardly IAEA for its rejection of criticizing Russian aggression against Ukraine’s nuclear sites.

Further, he accused International Atomic Energy Agency of having their tails between their legs and being scared to say aloud the names of the criminals who have taken the world captive.

Nikolai Steinberg Wikipedia Explored

Nikolai Steinberg is an engineer who worked at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. In May 2022, he  in the first part of Channel 5’s The Chornobyl Disaster.

During that time, Steinberg said he saw steam coming out of a pipe outside of his office during a routine exercise, which was part of a significant nuclear leak at Reactor One of the plants. 

However, Nikolai claimed officials at Chernobyl never addressed the matter and even worked to suppress the incident. On April 26, 1986, hundreds died when the cooling system of Chernobyl’s Reactor Four failed during a routine exercise.

Further, Steinberg explained he was in his office at the time of the 1982 routine test. Meanwhile, he saw that the ventilation pipe outside his office, connected to a Reactor One, began to produce steam.

For your information, the steam was actually the symbol of a major nuclear leak. 

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Nikolai Steinberg Age: How Old Is Nova. Former Chief Engineer?

Nikolai Steinberg age is reported to be 75 as of 2023. As said earlier, he was famous for being the chief engineer of the Chernobyl  plant between May 1986 and March 1987.

There is no further information about Nikolai’s personal life and family background. He just came into media prominence for his work as a chief engineer.

Apart from that, Steinberg has kept all the details regarding his family life far from the public domain. Due to that, none of the media platforms have covered the news about Nikolai’s personal life.

In addition to that, Steinberg has also appeared in a few documentaries, such as Nova, Zero Hour, and Inside the Chernobyl’s Mega Tomb.

Where Is Nikolai Steinberg Now?

Nikolai Steinberg has kept himself far from the media for a long time. His most notable media appearance was in 2022 when he appeared in Channel 5’s The Chornobyl Disaster.

Since then, Nikolai has not appeared much publicly. Due to that, it remains unclear where Nikolai is currently residing. Also, he does not have any official social media accounts.

So, it becomes more challenging to know about Nikolai’s ongoing lifestyle. It is believed that the former chief engineer must be living a low-key life with his family members.

Likewise, it can’t be confirmed whether Nikolai is married or not. Online users are heavily asking for more info about Steinberg which may get updated soon in the coming years. 

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