Nermin Sulejmanovic Video Leaked Twitter and Reddit: Live Stream and Suicide Case

Nermin Sulejmanovic video has gone viral on the internet following his horrific action. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about the incident.

Nermin Sulejmanovic was a fitness coach from Bosnia who was 35 years old at the time of his death. It has been reported that Nermin was part of a gang.

Not only that, but he had also been found guilty of acts of violence, getting into disputes, and taking part in selling drugs various times. 

His name came into the media prominence after his horrific actions that left everyone shocked. Nermin shot and killed his ex-wife while streaming on Instagram and then slayed two other people while on the run before taking his own life on Friday.

Nermin Sulejmanovic Video Leaked Twitter and Reddit

Nermin Sulejmanovic video is trending on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. People on these platforms have been searching for Nermin’s leaked video.

As said earlier, his name came to public attention after carrying out a horrifying act, shooting his ex-wife while broadcasting the entire incident live on Instagram.

Likewise, Nermin went on a violent fling, taking the lives of two more individuals as he evaded authorities, and his rampage concluded with his own suicide.

As the incident was live-streamed by himself on Instagram, it was later posted on Twitter and Reddit by many social media users.

With that, netizens are concerned about the viral video that has been trending on Twitter since Friday. Apart from that, some unauthorized Twitter handles have posted fake news and videos just to get likes and views on their posts.

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Nermin Sulejmanovic Live Stream and Suicide Case Explored

As said earlier, Nermin Sulejmanovic is making headlines for his live stream and suicide case. He live-streamed the murder of his ex-wife on Instagram before killing two other people.

Reportedly, the tragic incident  on Friday in the Bosnian town of Gradacac. It started on Friday morning when Nermin uploaded a video on Instagram, telling his followers that they would see a live execution.

After that, Sulejmanovic turns the camera to his ex-wife, whose face is bloodied and scarred from injuries. In the background, a child can be heard crying.

It has been said that 12,000 people watched the live stream. Nermin then tells his followers that he is the child’s dad and that his ex-wife had concealed the child from him for more than a week and had reported him to the police for domestic violence.

Why Did Nermin Sulejmanovic Kill His Wife?

The actual reason behind the killing of Nermin Sulejmanovic’s wife has not been shared yet. However, it seems like it came after Nermin’s ex-wife kept their child hidden and reported it to the police.

As said above, Nermin killed his ex-wife on Instagram Live. After that, he went on to film at least two more live videos on Instagram while being pursued by the police.

Nermin also said that he killed two people off-cameras. Later, the two people who were killed were identified as a man and his young son.

Not only that, but Sulejmanovic wounded a police officer, another man and a woman at different locations throughout Gradacac while on the lam.

Moreover, Sulejmanovic  after being located and before being apprehended.