Meet Toni Tone Brother Tomi Adenlé And Sister Tara

Toni Tone has raised hype in social media with her content, making people dig into her family to know more about Toni Tone brother. The answer lies in the article, so read on.

A resident of England, Toni Omotola Adenlé (born in 1989) is a social content creator and author. Toni Omotola might be new to some because she professionally goes by Toni Tone, and all her social accounts are under it.

The fame of Toni Tone took heights when she started sharing her breakup stories on Twitter, attracting the attention of millions of followers. This made her rank among the top 0.1% of Twitter users.

While handling the social account, she became an ambassador of Young Women’s Trust and climbed towards becoming a Podcast host in 2021.

One of the top 5 publishing companies, HarperCollins, also approached her to write a book named I Wish I Knew This Earlier which became her best-selling book.

However, she never talked much about her family on her social handle. This made people more anxious and dig into her life, starting from Toni Tone brother.

Meet Toni Tone Brother, Tomi Adenlé, And His Family

Tomi Adenlé, also known as Tazer, is Toni Tone brother, who is a 30-year-old DJ, record producer, and remixer, now working on his new entrepreneurship name Torque Moto Cafe.

Toni Tone brother, Tomi Adenlé, is an Oxford-raised musician who started his music journey in 2014 by giving various house music labels.

He released his first single, Wet Dollars, in 2015, which ranked 30 in the peak chart position of the UK. The Wet Dollars extended play was also remixed by him and was released in the same year.

Some of the other singles given by Toni Tone brother are Vibrate (2016), Rave Slave (2017), and LowKey Groove (2017).

Meanwhile, he gave notable remixes like Flashlight, Leh Go, Who Wants It, My City, I Just Can’t, Pumping, Faded, Wonderland, Just A Little Crush, and Bruised Not Broken from 2014 to 2019.

Later, in August 2021, Toni Tone brother, Tomi, married the famous singer, songwriter, and producer Camille Angelina Purcell famous as Kamille professionally.

Tomi’s wife, Kamille, is a London born who got a breakthrough in her songwriting career in 2013 from her first co-write, What About Us featuring Sean Paul, which became a number-one hit in the UK.

Following her songwriting career, she also had her hands in becoming an artist. Kamille started giving out her singles in 2017, the first being ‘Body’ featuring Avelino.

Moving on, her career had no limits as she got recognition for her singles and continues till today alongside her husband, Tomi.

The couple currently shares a baby boy, who just turned a year old on June 18, 2023.

Tara Adenlé, Toni Tone Sister: Career And Height

Tara Adenlé is Toni Tone sister, whom she adores a lot and shares snaps and videos with her on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

Less information is available about Tara since she has not revealed her personal life, but according to her Instagram bio, it is known that she is also from London.

Her career is more focused on Digital Marketing and Brand Manager. As for her relationship with Toni Tone, the comments on Instagram are proof.

Toni has commented on most of Tara’s posts with love emoji and lovely comments. Also, Tomi is nowhere behind showering love to his younger sister; all siblings seem to bond beautifully.

Moreover, Toni Tone even promotes the beauty of her sister Tara as Toni Tone sister has a height of 6 feet. Also, her sister-in-law, Kamille, seems friendly with the Adenlé siblings.

However, Tara does not seem open about her personal life as Toni Tone and likes to enjoy privacy. But her Instagram is filled with her elegant model look pictures, and she sure is very beautiful.