Meet Annette Gozon Husband Lito Abrogar: Wikipedia And Age Gap

As the finale of the Philippine singing reality show “Battle of the Judges” is approaching, the audience is more eager to know about the winner, and along with it, the viewer’s attention is driven to know about Judge Annette Gozon Husband.

Annette Gozon-Valdes is a Filipino screenwriter and producer for several movies, television shows, and reality shows.

Gazon is the president of GMA Films and GMA Worldwide, which together form a significant share of one of the Philippines’ extensive legacy media networks.

Annette Gozon is known for her work in movies and tv shows, including Basement, Till I Met You, The Witness, Mulawin: The Movie, Imagine You and Me, The Road, and Sosy Problems.

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Meet Annette Gozon Husband, Lito Abrogar 

Filipino lawyer and media personality Annette Gozon was married to businessman Joselito “Lito” Abrogar around the year 2010s.

However, their marital relationship did not last long, and they parted ways after a few years of marriage. Additionally, the couple had one year of age gap; Annette is one year older than Joselito.

Annette Gozon’s Ex-Husband Joselito is the president of “Cardinal Agri Products” located in the capital of the Philippines. Apart from this, he also serves in “Sycamore Global Shipping Corporation” as CEO. 

A Stanford University School of Business graduate is recognized as a strategic businessman in the Philippines. Similarly, he is popular for his business ideas and new projects within the associated company. 

As per the information in his Linkedin profile, Lito started his career as the brand manager of Procter & Gamble and worked there for five years.

Then, he transfers to “Mckinsey & Company” as an associate consultant and strategy manager for Ayala Land.

Besides his professional life, Abrogar is more known to the public as the former husband of the popular media personality Annette Gozon. The couple got lots of well-wishes and congratulation before the marriage, and they looked like perfect lovebirds.

However, relations started to fade between Lito Abrogar and Annette Gozon due to some personal reasons, and they parted ways.

The couple did not disclose the reason for their divorce. For this topic, fans have speculated about the chance of infidelity and lack of compatibility between Annette Gozon.

Now, both are leading their personal lives and enjoying days with their family.

Annette Gozon And Lito Abrogar Children

Annette Gozon and her first husband, Lito Abrogar, are blessed with two children, one daughter Anja, and a son  Andy Abrogar.

Anja is the eldest child, and she is an entrepreneur and associate in Endeavor and served as an investment associate for “Global Founders Capital”.

Joselito’s daughter Anja studied Management Engineering and Finance at “Ateneo de Manila University” and thus has exceptional skills in the managerial department.

As per her study and work progress records, many people estimate that Anja is following in her mother’s footsteps and will join the media industry. 

However, Anja has shown no interest in the media and entertainment profession. Furthermore, Lito and Annette’s son Andy Arbogar is still a university student and in the process of shaping his career path.

In the social media account of mother Annette, both the children are often seen in the family vacation and party attendance.

Annette Gozon Current Husband, Shintaro Valdes

After her divorce from Joselito Abrogar, Annette married Shintaro Valdes in 2016. 

Shintaro is a former Philippine actor, and now his professional profile is described as a cyclist. On his Instagram account, Valdes often posts photos of his daily cycling route and his recreational activities with his family.

Through their social media post, we learned that Annette and Shintaro have an adorable daughter. She is often clicked along with her father and mother.

Besides this, Shitaro is also close to Andy and Anja and is an amazing father to the three children and a lovable husband to wife Annette Gozon Valdes.

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