Mary Fowler Sexuality: Why Fan Thinks Australian Soccer Player Is Lesbian?

Australia Women’s team is showcasing their phenomenal gameplay on FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Matildas’ players are the topic of conversation for most football critics and fans. The following write-up answers the curiosity about Mary Fowler sexuality and gender orientation.

Australian professional soccer player Mary Boio Fowler plays for Manchester City and the Australian national team.

Twenty years old Mary made her W-league debut for Adelaide United in the 2019-2020 season and represented Australia in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup for the first time.

Mary Fowler holds the position of forward and midfielder in the team and is one of the crucial players for the country’s and club’s squad.

Mary Fowler Sexuality: Why Fan Thinks Australian Soccer Player Is Lesbian?

There is no authentic information and evidence regarding Mary Fowler being Lesbian. The player is yet to make a statement and reveal her sexual orientation to her fans.

Mary is at the stage of making her career base and marching towards the progressive pattern. She is in the transition phase of her life as a twenty-year-old girl.

Although Mary Fowler avoids the question regarding her sexuality, fans are always sure to raise curiosity.

The Jolly and bubbly nature of Mary is enough to confuse her fans about her sexual identification. She is close to her national teammates and a lovely Manchester City Club member.

Similarly, Fowler posts pictures with her teammates and girlfriends on her Instagram account. Her closeness and good chemistry with her friends are depicted there.

The friendly nature and smiley face of Mary suit her heart, and her bond with her female friends is the reason why her fans think that she is lesbian.

However, she is recognized as straight. It is not usual for Mary to respond and address the question regarding her sexuality.

Once, the Australian Football player mentioned that she has yet to find a suitable partner for her with whom her personality matches.

Mary added that she is not biased toward sexuality and that personality and nature are more critical for her rather than gender identification.

Female Australian Soccer player In Same-Sex Relationship

Although Mary Fowler is not in a relationship, her fellow national teammates are in a romantic commitment with their partner.

Several players have come out as lesbians in the Australian Women’s football squad, enjoying their adorable chemistry with their partners.

Australian team’s defender Ellie Carpenter is dating the Dutch footballer Danielle Van De Donk. Both of the girls are teammates at Lyon Football Club.

Similarly, midfielder Alex Chidiac has been in a relationship with her partner Erin Clout since 2019. Erin is the assistant coach for several football clubs in Australia.

While talking about lesbian relationships, Australian Women’s football team captain is always in the talk.

Matildas’s captain and forward Sam Kerr is in intimate commitment with American soccer player Kristie Mewis. She was previously in relation with Chicago Red Stars player Nikki Stanton.

Besides these three players, several are in the same-sex relationship and in good times with their partners.

That’s why fans can not stop themselves from assuming that other players regarded as single might be in a similar relationship and dating their teammates or fellow footballer in private. 

However, this is not the case regarding Mary Fowler’s relationship. She is not in a relationship with anyone and is straight up to this date.

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