Mannarasala Amma Death Cause And Obituary: What Happaned To Umadevi Antharjanam?

Mannarasala Amma death came as a shock to everyone. If you want to know more, keep reading this article till the end.

Mannarasala Amma Umadevi Antharjanam was the chief priestess of Haripad Mannarasala Nagaraja temple. On October 24, 1993, she took over as Amma when her immediate grandmother, Savitri Antarjanam, passed away.

Amma Puja began in the temple on March 22, 1995. With the departure of her husband, Narayanan Namboothiri, Umadevi Antarjanam, who had found her own world in Illum with her only daughter, Valsaladevi, slowly became the helper of her older grandmother, Savitri Antarjanam.

When Savitri Antarjanam attained samadhi, Umadevi Antarjanam took over as the new mother. Although there were no older people, according to elders, Umadevi Antarjana was given the mandate to be the grandmother.

Mannarasala Amma Death Cause: What Happaned To Umadevi Antharjanam? 

Mannarasala Amma death cause has not been , but her death has already been confirmed. She reportedly passed away at the age of 93. 

Following her demise, everyone has been asking how she took her last breath. There were no public records of Mannarasala being diagnosed with any serious illness.

In the same way, none of the verified media outlets have given the news of her health issues. Apart from that, the family and close ones of Amma are mourning the loss, and they seem to be seeking privacy.

At this challenging moment, everyone should respect the family’s privacy and wait for more updates. As people’s concern regarding Amma’s demise has been raised heavily, the family will surely give some updates in the future.

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Mannarasala Amma Obituary and Funeral Details

Mannarasala Amma obituary is trending on the internet following the confirmation of her tragic demise. She was close to many people, and everyone loved her.

Following the tragic  of Amma’s death, people were deeply shattered. Immediately, tributes and condolence messages started pouring on multiple social media handles.

The news of her demise was first posted on Facebook, and later, it went viral on other social media platforms. A person on Twitter paid tribute to Amma, writing, “Om Sadhgadhi. A loss beyond imagination. God give strength to all her disciple’s.”

As of now, the details regarding her funeral and memorial services have not been shared, but they may get updated soon. The Genius Celebs team also pays heartfelt condolence to the whole family and friends.

Mannarasala Amma Age: How Old Was at Her Death?

Mannarasala Amma was 93 years old at the time of her demise. She was reportedly born in the Malayalam year 1105 on the month of Kumbha in moolam star. 

Furthermore, Mannarasala was raised by her parents Subrahmanian Namboothiri of Kottayam Manganam Chembakanalloor and Rukmini Devi Antharjanam.

In 1949, Amma became a member of the Mannarasala family through the wedding of M G Narayanan Namboothiri of Mannarasala Illam. 

Apart from that, she was headmistress of a school before becoming the supreme priestess. As of now, her name is making rounds on the internet following her demise.

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