Malibu Javonte Murphy Missing Case: Dead Body Found in a Barrel

Javonte Murphy missing update shows that he was found inside a barrel at Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Here’s more info about his case.

Javonte Murphy was an aspiring singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, US. Besides, Murphy was pursuing a career in rapping and dreamed of becoming a thriving artist.

On the other side, Murphy spent his free time lifting weights and running. From his Instagram posts, he often shared videos of him jamming out and singing to his own music.

Not only that, but Murphy shared a YouTube channel link to what appears to be a band’s page, Tank & Booq, which only had three songs posted.

His name came into the media prominence after the news of his missing case was shared, and currently, an update has been provided, leaving everyone shocked.

Malibu Javonte Murphy Missing Case Explored

The missing case of Javonte Murphy has left everyone shocked. His father, Javonnie Murphy, said he saw his son last Thursday. 

At the time, Javonte said they were at a park. Likewise, Javonte was making barbeque while his son was playing basketball. 

Furthermore, he left in good spirits to go get changed and was supposed to return to the park to eat. But Javonnie said he never saw or heard from his son since. 

He was shocked when the news that someone’s body had turned up inside a barrel was shared. The next day, Javonnie got a call telling him that the body was his son’s.

It came as a shock to the family, and they have also paid tribute on social media and pleaded for answers as to how he died. 

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Javonte Murphy Dead Body Found in a Barrel

Javonnta Murphy’s dead body was found inside a barrel at Malibu Lagoon State Beach on Monday. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner reported the news but revealed no details about the cause and manner of death.

Lt. Hugo Reynaga of the sheriff’s homicide bureau told the 55-gallon drum was first  Sunday by a maintenance employee, who swam out in a kayak and pulled it to the sandy shore of the Malibu lagoon.

However, the maintenance worker didn’t open the container. At about 10 am. Monday, a lifeguard saw the same barrel, swam out, and brought it onto the beach, where he opened it and found the body.

A source familiar with the investigation who wasn’t qualified to speak publicly said the barrel was opened because of its dubious weight. 

Javonte Murphy Case Update

Javonnta Murphy was found dead inside a , and the investigation is going on, which will give more info about the death manner of Murphy.

When the barrel was found, it was sealed, and the man inside it was naked; the death is likely a case of foul play. Furthermore, it wasn’t clear how long the body had been inside the barrel.

On the other side, detectives were still trying to determine the origin of the barrel, which contained markings that suggested it came from a printing company.

Tributes and condolence messages for the Murphy family are pouring on social media, and more updates regarding this case will be updated soon.