Linda Caicedo Padres Herlinda Alegría And Mauricio Caicedo

Linda Caicedo Padres became a trend after her heart-shaped gesture to her partner during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup match against Germany.

Linda Lizeth Caicedo Alegría, a Colombian professional footballer, is a forward for the Colombian Women’s National Team and Liga Fclub Real Madrid.

Her journey commenced at fourteen when she debuted with the Colombian club America de Cali before transitioning to Deportivo Cali.

In 2023, Linda embarked on her career with the esteemed football institution Real Madrid.

Likewise, Caicedo’s international path began in 2022 with the Colombian national team for the Under 17 and U-20 Women’s World Cup.

Her exceptional talent has propelled her to be recognized as one of the promising rising stars in women’s football.

Recently, Linda devoted her goal to her cherished partner, a heart-shaped gesture accentuating her affection.

This touching moment unfolded during the group stage match against Germany at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

This incident ignited broad interest, leading to inquiries about her parents. Here is what we currently know about her parents.

Linda Caicedo Padres(parents) Herlinda Alegría And Mauricio Caicedo: Where Are They From?

Linda Caicedo was born in Candelaria, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, to Herlinda Alegría and Mauricio Caicedo.

Hailing from Colombia, their daughter, Linda, had her passion for football nurtured by her parents from an early age.

Raised in Candelaria, Colombia, a charming farming town about 17 miles from Cali, the country’s third-largest city, Linda’s passion for soccer ignited in her early years.

Her parents, recognizing her enthusiasm, wholeheartedly backed her pursuit.

In an interview on the My New Favourite Futbolista podcast, Linda’s mother, Herlinda, shared a lighthearted anecdote about her daughter’s soccer journey.

She humorously described how it seemed to have begun before birth, playfully referring to it as playing in the metaphorical field of the womb.

As Linda took her first steps, her eagerness persisted, with her mother recounting how she would venture out to play on the streets.

At the age of five, her parents, Mauricio and Herlinda, introduced her to Club Real Juanchito, a local youth soccer team in Candelaria.

Diego Vasquez, the club’s vice president, swiftly identified her potential upon her arrival, her small hand firmly grasping her mother’s.

Over the years, Linda’s skills flourished, propelling her to higher echelons within the club’s ranks.

Her journey stands as a testament to her family’s unwavering support, propelling her to achieve remarkable success at a tender age.

More On Linda Caicedo: Family, Ethnicity And Origin

Linda Lizeth Caicedo Alegría, the captivating Colombian soccer star who has been creating ripples in the football world since the age of 14.

Linda Caicedo’s origin is Cali, Colombia, and she belongs to the Colombian ethnicity. 

Besides her parents, Linda Caicedo shares a close bond with her cousin, Kelly Caicedo, who shares a similar passion for the sport.

The Caicedo cousins have a tight-knit relationship, with Linda developing an interest in soccer at the age of five, while Kelly followed suit a bit later, at the age of ten.

Since the start of 2023, the up-and-coming talent, Linda Caicedo, has been romantically involved with Valentina Herrera.

Their relationship speculation grabbed media attention, prompting fans of the couple to share photos and engage in comments on social media.

Valentina, Linda Caicedo’s girlfriend, is an Instagram personality who frequently shares snapshots of her everyday activities and her travel destinations.

Prior to her relationship with Valentina, Linda was in a romance with Luisa Osorio, a model and TikTok sensation.