Is Mary Fowler Related To Robbie Fowler: Are They Daughter And Father?

Is Mary Fowler Related To Robbie Fowler? Fans are curious about the relationship between the two Australian football players as the National team of Australia is near the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 trophy.

Mary Boio Fowler is an Australian professional football player who plays for Manchester City and the Australian national team as a forward and midfielder.

Twenty-year-old Mary started representing the country in football in 2018 through the Australian U20 team. Similarly, Fowler was first called to the Australian squad in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

On the other hand, Robert Bernard Fowler, a.k.a Robbie Fowler, is an English football manager and former player who primarily played for Liverpool and Manchester City and the England National team from 1993-2002.

Robbie is currently the manager of the “Saudi First Division League” with Al-Qadsiah.

Is Mary Fowler Related To Robbie Fowler? Daughter-Father relationship

Mary Fowler is not related to Robbie Fowler; thus, they are not daughter and father. Despite having the same surname and engaging in a similar profession, they are not related in familial terms and by blood relations.

Forty-eight years old Robbie played for Manchester City from 2003-2006, and Mary has been playing for the same club since 2022. But they never crossed paths and got to meet each other personally.

Moreover, there is not a single moment or photo of them together; thus, in this case, there is no possibility of Mary and Robert being daughters and fathers.

This might be the rumors spread by some ignorant fans who thought the two have familial relations just by having the same surname.

Although there is no personal relationship between Mary and Robbie Fowler but professionally, Robbie is an admirable senior for Mary.

She looks highly at him and learns several playing strategies from his gams, and motivates herself to achieve more than that.

Apart from their familial, blood, and personal bond Mary and Robbie are also not similar in the nationality bond as Mary is from Australia and Robbie is from England.

Therefore, the upright rejoinder of, Is Mary Fowler Related To Robbie Fowler is that the two players are not related to each other and are not daughter and father.

Mary Fowler And Robert Fowler Family Details

Mary was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia as the third-eldest child of her father, Kevin, and mother, Nido Fowler.

Her father is originally from Ireland, and her mother is from Papua New Guinea.

Her parents met in Port Moresby, Papua New Gunia, and then migrated to Australia before Mary was born. She shares her childhood with her four siblings, Caoimhin, Ciara, Seamus, and Louise.

Her elder siblings Caoimhin and Ciara played for the Republic of Ireland’s youth sides and represented Australia Unfer-20 level.

She is close to her parents, and her father is a special person to her who encouraged Mary to continue her career in football and motivated her to march forwards in every life step.

On the other hand, Robbie Fowler was born in Toxteth, Liverpool as the lovely son of his father, Robbie Fowler Sr., and mother, Marie Ryder.

His childhood memories are shared with his brother Scott Fowler and sister Lisa Fowler. Robbie’s brother Scott is also associated with soccer.

He served as the Liverpool football club’s project manager and coach from 2007 to 2015.

Then, he worked as a business development manager for Robbie Fowler Education and football academy ltd alongside his brother, as per his Linkedin profile.

The former English footballer married Kerrie Fowler on 9 June 2001, and the couple was blessed with three daughters and one son.

Robbie often shares his family moments on his Instagram account.

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