Is Lainey Lui Pregnant In 2023? Meet Her Husband Jacek Szenowicz

Is Lainey Lui Pregnant? It is a persistent rumor surrounding the Canadian television personality and the reporter’s personal life.

The prominent Canadian television personality hosts CTV’s daily talk show, “The Social.” Recently, she announced that she would leave the series at the end of August.

Her captivating presence and insightful commentary on CTV’s entertainment programming have made her a household name for years.

Following the shocking announcement, many people have shown interest in learning more about her life. As a result, there are also several rumors and speculations.

One such persistent rumor is about her pregnancy. Find out if the CTV official is really pregnant or if this is just another string of gossip and speculation.

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Is Lainey Lui Pregnant In 2023?

The answer is a big fat NO. Lainey Lui’s potential pregnancy is a groundless rumor. The Canadian media personality is not expecting a baby.

While the source of the rumor is unclear, Lui’s departure from CTV has only fueled it. However, limited knowledge about the prominent reporter’s personal life is the primary reason for such speculation.

Lainey Lui will turn 50 years old for those unversed this 26 September. Getting pregnant at this age is quite rare. Also, the media personality has previously shared that she and her husband don’t want to have any kids.

Moreover, one should note that pregnancy is a highly private matter. Her fan’s curiosity is understandable.

But, it is essential to recognize that personal matters like pregnancy should be approached with sensitivity and respect for privacy.

In addition, Lui has clearly stated why she departed from CTV’s The Social. She is leaving the network to devote herself to covering the entertainment beat at “etalk” and on her blog.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Lainey Lui’s pregnancy are merely rumors.

Meet Lainey Lui Husband Jacek Szenowicz

Lainey Lui has happily been married to Jacek Szenowicz for around two decades.

According to reports, Lui’s husband helps her manage her popular website The married duo have been together since the late 1990s.

When the pair first crossed paths, Lainey was dating another guy. While she instantly smote Jacek, Lui did not initially notice him.

They started an email correspondence that soon turned into a long-distance romance. Lui broke up with her then-boyfriend to be with Jacek, and they got married in 2001 after dating for a few years.

The smitten couple now lives in Toronto with their two lovely dogs, Barney and Elvis. They work together on, which covers the latest news and gossip in pop culture and Hollywood.

Lainey and Jacek are also bonded over their shared interests, including spending their date nights close to their east-end neighborhood, where they like to walk to different restaurants and explore the surroundings.

Lainey and Jacek’s marriage is based on a solid and supportive relationship. Despite their busy schedules and public profiles, the lovebirds spend a lot of quality time together.

As mentioned above, the Lui-Szenowicz couple has stated they do not wish to have kids, as they are content with their dogs and careers.

We wish the lovely couple who have found their soulmates in each other an everlasting bond.

Hopefully, they will continue to enjoy the endless joy and love, and they will continue to support and cherish one another. We wish the Lui-Szenowicz pair an incredible journey ahead filled with laughter and happiness.

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