Is Katrina Gorry Lesbian Or Gay? Gender And Sexuality

Is Katrina Gorry lesbian? She became a trend after sharing a family death before an impressive Matildas performance.

Katrina-Lee Gorry, hailing from Australia, is a skilled soccer athlete occupying the role of a midfielder for both Vittsjö GIK and the Australian national team.

She previously held a prominent position as a crucial member of the Brisbane Roar in the A-League. In 2014, she achieved the title of Asia’s Footballer of the Year.

While scoring penalty, Gorry recently expressed her emotions by kissing her wrist and rocking as if cradling a baby.

The spectators at Suncorp Stadium interpreted one of these actions as a reference to her daughter, Harper.

The significance of the other gesture became apparent only after she left the field, when she disclosed that her fiancée had recently lost her father.

With this incident, the interest of people has shifted towards the sexuality and family life of the soccer player. Let’s look at that.

Gender And Sexuality: Is Katrina Gorry Lesbian Or Gay?

Yes, Katrina Gorry is a lesbian. She is in a committed relationship with her fellow teammate, Clara Markstedt.

Earlier this year in June, Katrina Gorry, a prominent player of the Matildas, revealed her engagement to fellow footballer Clara Markstedt through a heartfelt post.

This announcement came just a few weeks prior to an important home World Cup for Australia.

The romantic journey culminated in an engagement during a weekend getaway to Falkenberg on the Swedish west coast.

Katrina and Clara’s love story took an unexpected turn when Australian footballer Gorry journeyed to Sweden upon joining the local club Vittsjö.

Little did she know that this move would lead her to encounter the love of her life, starting with being close friends.

The petite midfielder, recognized for her pivotal role in the team’s midfield with over 93 international appearances, is also a mother to a little daughter named Harper.

Affectionately nicknamed ‘Mini’, Gorry became a mother through solo IVF before making an impressive comeback to the world of football.

More On Katrina Gorry: Family And Soccer Career

Born on August 13, 1992, Katrina Gorry’s parents, Mr. Gorry and Linda Gorry, welcomed her into the world in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Not an only child, the accomplished soccer player is the fourth eldest among her nine siblings, a group that includes seven brothers.

Beyond her own family, Gorry is now a mother to Harper and engaged to Swedish footballer Clara Markstedt.

Her football journey commenced in her hometown of Brisbane, where she was immersed in the sport.

Growing up amid a soccer-loving environment, her fascination with the game ignited through the influence of her older brothers, sparking her interest with their matches.

From those backyard beginnings in Brisbane, Gorry embarked on a path that would ultimately see her establish herself as a formidable midfielder for the Matildas.

Fueled by a fervent passion for football, she was also associated with the Mt Gravatt Hawks FC, a soccer club located in Mount Gravatt, a suburb of Brisbane.

Focusing on her international journey, Gorry’s inaugural appearance for Australia took place on July 11, 2012, when she came on as a substitute against Japan.

In 2014 AFC Women’s Asian Cup, Gorry participated in all five matches, netting three goals, and advanced to the final against Japan, resulting in a 1–0 victory for Japan.