Honey Balenciaga Controversy 2023: Racist Tweet Trending on TikTok

Honey Balenciaga controversy has been trending on the internet for the past few days, and everyone has been asking questions about it. Here’s more about it.

Honey Balenciaga is a famous Ballroom artist who has gained widespread attention over the last six years for bringing compelling freestyle moves and feisty energy to the Ballroom floor. 

She performed throughout the show, including during many dance segments as well as the Ballroom segment. Furthermore, Honey often makes headlines for various reasons.

In May 2023, she became a hot topic on the internet after videos of her voguing went viral. Apart from that, Honey is currently making rounds on various platforms as some of her tweets from the past were shared.

Honey Balenciaga Controversy 2023

The Honey Balenciaga controversy has been one of the hot topics on the internet for the past few days. Everyone has been asking many questions as her name is going viral on TikTok and Twitter.

For your information, the controversy of Honey started when her tweets from 2020 went viral. She reportedly made some racist comments that dragged the ballroom artist into the spotlight.

Everyone has been making videos about Honey’s tweet. A TikTok user made a video about it and shared a clip of Honey’s appearance in a podcast where she talked about the matter.

The video has already gained more than 300k views. Apart from that, Honey sometimes goes live on , and some of her statements often go viral that become controversial.

Moreover, all of these started after her tweets went viral, and the netizens have been asking more questions about it lately.

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Honey Balenciaga Racist Tweet Trending on TikTok

Honey Balenciaga racist tweet is currently trending on TikTok. As said earlier, she made some tweets in the past, and due to that, she received a huge backlash.

Apart from that, it is again in the spotlight as some TikTok users have shared screenshots of the tweet made by Honey. It seems like the original tweets have been deleted from her account.

Due to that, those who were unfamiliar with the scandal began asking questions. Moreover, some sites still have the image of the tweet.

In most of her tweets, she uses “N” words, and it appears it was some tweets dedicated to the guys of the black community. 

What Is Honey Balenciaga Pronoun?

Honey Balenciaga uses the she/her pronoun. Besides that, she is  as a member of the House of Balenciaga in season two of Legendary.

Furthermore, she appeared in the 7th episode of the first season of the show as a special guest, Honey Bee. Likewise, she starred with Lolita Leopard 007 as a supervillain.

In addition to that, she is one of the dancers on Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. For your information, Honey identifies as a member of the LGBTQIA community. 

She found refuge in the ballroom scene and made her debut around 2017 as a member of the House of LaBeija. She once gave an interview and said that she was attracted to the world of Ballroom because of its community and family environment.