Full Video: Paige Saraya Leaked Video

Paige Saraya Leaked Video On Twitter & Reddit (Watch Full Video)

Paige Saraya, the former WWE Superstar, claims she felt “so f***ing stupid” and “so embarrassed” after her sex tape was leaked in 2017… stating she “didn’t want to be alive anymore” and “was ready to end it all.”

Paige, who now goes by her real name, Saraya, spoke on Renee Paquette’s podcast “The Sessions”… where she detailed hitting “rock bottom” after her naked images and videos became viral.

“It was just the most awful moment of my life,” Saraya recalled. “At the time, the person I was with showed me a picture on Twitter.”

“I was just like, ‘Oh my God,’” she says. Saraya remembered. “I was like,’Is that real?’ because I couldn’t believe it at first.”

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“I was f***ing 19 years old and completely f***ed mortified.” I bolted from the house. I ran. “I just kept running,” she explained.

Saraya says the video made her feel like she “didn’t really want to be alive anymore.”

Paige Saraya Leaked Video On Twitter

“It was f***ing horrible.” I was just so f***ing sad. “I remember thinking, ‘If my father is disappointed in me, I don’t think I can be here anymore.’”

Paige was most concerned that her father would be disappointed in her after seeing the footage, in addition to the public humiliation and likely reprimand from WWE.

Paige’s father, thankfully, was understanding, explaining to his professional wrestler daughter that she had to “suck it up”… and adding that he was still proud of her.

Paige also thanked WWE for their assistance, saying they even promised to help her get as much material as they could off the Internet.

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