‘Full-on riot’ breaks out during Twitch influencer Kai Cenat’s PS5 giveaway in NYC’s Union Square as cops mull incitement charges

A social media influencer’s giveaway in Union Square Park Friday quickly descended into chaos, with his young fans throwing bottles, jumping on vehicles and screaming ‘F–k the PD” — as NYPD cops were assaulted, some eventgoers were nearly trampled and the popular greenspace was left covered in debris.

Twitch gamer Kai Cenat, who has over 20 million followers on the platform, scheduled the real-world meet-up at 3:30 p.m. and planned to give away PlayStation 5s, computers, microphones and other gaming accessories.

But within a half-hour, the crowd of nearly 1,000 kids broke down into chaos with the attendees tossing cones, bottles, rocks and brawling — as the NYPD whisked Cenat out of the area for his safety, Chief Jeff Maddrey said at a press conference after the mayhem.

The influencer in custody at a Midtown precinct as the Finest confer with its legal department to decide on whether to charge him with inciting riot, Maddrey added.

It is unknown if Cenat actually ended up giving anything away.

Aerial footage showed the massive crowd flooding the streets, with some teens using barricades to stop the cops. They also tossed bottles, eggs and construction cones while screaming: “F–k the PD” and “suck my d–k.”

Two teenagers also allegedly threw garbage cans at police officers on East 10th Street off Broadway.

Videos captured the kids screaming and climbing on vehicles as one appeared to use the sharp end of an umbrella to damage on of the parked vehicles.

The NYPD’s riot squad was called to the park as the mayhem spread down Lafayette and Bleeker streets.

Police sources described it as a “full-on riot.”

Stranded motorist, Jada, told The Post that she almost got trampled by the teens.

“This is crazy,” she said.

No injuries have been reported. One unidentified person was arrested on Broadway and East 10th Street.

An MTA bus left the scene around 6 p.m. holding dozens of arrested teens. It is unclear if Cenat has been arrested or taken into custody. 

Jonathan Meija, a 15-year-old from Downtown Brooklyn arrived at the park around 4 p.m. to see Cenat, who he said is “really my inspiration.”

The teen said he saw children throwing objects at riot cops by the famous Strand bookstore off Broadway.

“When we came over here, they were destroying people’s cars and s–t,” Meija told The Post. “I’m with my friends and they were like, ‘Let’s go out, f–k it.’”

“You know, it’s New York. Everyone is crazy here,” he added. “Everything started becoming mad crazy.”

One woman hid inside a local bank for more than two hours as the teens wreaked havoc, ABC 7 said. 

The NYPD managed to dissipate the crowd just before 6 p.m., but a large police presence still remains. New York’s Finest has spread out the barriers to avoid the crowd congregating again. 

The Union Square farmer’s market, which takes place several times a week, was unaffected by the disruptive crowd, according to ABC 7

Police have begun piling up the debris, which includes chairs and tables, that the teens threw around and destroyed. Trash litters the streets and barricades are stacked near the subway station.