Football: Is Tameka Yallop Related To Graham Yallop? Family Tree And Net Worth

Is Tameka Yallop related to Graham Yallop? Fans are eager to know more about their relationship. So, here is more info about them.

Tameka Yallop is a professional soccer player from Australia playing as a midfielder for Brann in the Norwegian Toppserien. Since 2022, Yallop has been playing for Brann.

Before that, she played for many clubs, including West Ham United, Brisbane Roar, Melbourne City, and Mallbackens. Her football career began with QAS in 2008.

Apart from playing for these clubs, Yallop is also a part of the national team of Australia. Before making appearances for the senior team, Tameka played for the U17 and U20 teams.

Football: Is Tameka Yallop Related To Graham Yallop?

No, football player Tameka Yallop and cricket player Graham Yallop are not related to each other. However, fans and followers are asking these questions heavily on the internet.

There is no truth about Tameka and Graham having any relationship. Due to their same surname, people got confused and thought that they may have a blood relationship.

Moreover, it can be confirmed that they are not related to each other, and they have their own . Not to mention Graham is a former international cricket player from Australia.

Graham played Test and One Day International cricket representing the national team of Australia from 1976 to 1984. Furthermore, he was a top-order batter.

More to this, Yallop is also recognized as the first player to wear a full helmet in a Test match. His last test match was on November 12, 1984, against West Indies. 

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Tameka Yallop And Graham Yallop Family Tree Explored

Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop have a family of their own. Tameka was born Tameka Butt to her parents on 16 June 1991 in Orange, New South Wales, Australia.

The soccer player has not talked much about her personal life with the media. Due to that, the names of her father and mother remain unclear.

According to a report, Yallop moved to the Gold Coast with her family, and during that time, she was just five years old. Tameka is said to be the youngest of seven kids.

She grew up with her three brothers and three sisters, whose names are unavailable in the public domain. Reportedly, Yallop’s older brother named, Reon has helped her play football.

Apart from that, Graham Yallop is a native of Balwyn, Victoria, Australia. Graham has not opened up about his personal life, but it is said that he was  to Helen Yallop.

Tameka Yallop And Graham Yallop Net Worth Difference

Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop have a decent net worth difference, but the actual amount is not accessible in the media. Both of them have earned a good amount of money from their sports career.

Tameka has been playing football for a long time, and she has already been a part of various clubs. With them, she must have decent deals that help her to take home a considerable sum.

As Yallop is still playing actively, her income will surely skyrocket in the coming years. Apart from that, former cricketer Graham played prominently for the national team for a long time. 

He was a part of many big events, and his performance helped his team to win some titles too. Due to that, Graham received impressive cash.

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Is Tameka Yallop related to Graham Yallop? As the two prominent sports figure shares the same surname, there is a question about their possible familial ties.

In the world of sports, names often become synonymous with talent and success.

Occasionally, individuals who share a surname may raise questions about a possible familial connection.

Recently, the question of Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop has surfaced. Tameka is an Australian professional soccer player who is a midfielder for Brann in the Norwegian Toppserien.

Similarly, Graham Neil Yallop is a former Australian international cricket player who played Test and One Day International cricket as a proud member of the Australian national cricket team from 1976 to 1984.

As the two athletes share the same surname, let’s take a closer look into their backgrounds and find out if they have any familial relationship.

Is Tameka Yallop Related To Graham Yallop?

No. Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop are not related to one another. The two athletes hail from different parts of the country and have different family backgrounds. 

The shared surname is a mere coincidence. One key factor that dispels any notion of a familial connection is the divergence in their surnames.

Tameka Yallop, formerly known as Tameka Butt, adopted the surname “Yallop” after marrying her wife Kirsty Yallop, who is also a footballer.

The decision to change her surname was personal and unrelated to any familial bond with Graham Yallop.

Furthermore, Graham Yallop and Tameka Yallop were born in different states within Australia. Graham hails from Victoria, while Tameka was born in New South Wales.

The geographical separation, combined with the time difference between their births, further reinforces the notion that they are not related by blood.

To conclude, in the realm of sports, shared surnames occasionally spark curiosity about potential relationships between athletes.

In the case of Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop, it is important to consider the evidence at hand.

Their different sporting disciplines, the alteration of Tameka’s surname upon marriage, their distinct birthplaces, and the absence of any documented family ties collectively point to the conclusion that they are not related.

The world of sports is vast and diverse, and while names may evoke nostalgia and admiration, it is crucial to separate fact from speculation.

Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop Family Background

Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop are prominent Australian sportspeople but have different family backgrounds.

Tameka Yallop was born Tameka Butt on 16 June 1991 in Orange, New South Wales. The talented footballer is the daughter of David and Julie Butt.

The midfielder reportedly has two brothers, Nathan and Ryan. She married her wife Kirsty Yallop, who is a New Zealand footballer, in 2019 and changed her surname to Yallop.

On the other hand, Graham Yallop was born on 7 October 1952 in Camberwell, Victoria.

He was born to his parents, John and Betty Yallop, and has a sister, Sue. Talking about his marital life, he married his wife Helen in 1978 and has two sons, Matthew and Daniel.

There is no evidence that Tameka Yallop and Graham Yallop are related by blood or marriage. They have different surnames, birthplaces, and sports.

Nonetheless, Tameka and Graham Yallop are two talented athletes from Australia who has represented their country in several international games. We wish both of them a more prosperous life in the coming days.