Fernando Valenzuela Weight Loss Before And After: Health Update 2023

There has been much interest in Fernando Valenzuela weight  loss. Explore more about the matter below.

Fernando Valenzuela is a former professional baseball pitcher from Mexico.

The Sonora native played 17 Major League Baseball (MLB) seasons from 1980 to 1997. He pitched for Dogders for a decade.

He is considered one of the best baseball players of his time and was known for his unorthodox windup, his screwball pitch, and his popularity among Latino fans.

The former baseball player was the first and only player to win both the Rookie of the Year Award as well as the Cy Young Award in the same season (1981).

He retired from his playing career in 1997 and returned in 2003 to the Dodgers as a broadcaster.

The former athlete has come to the spotlight recently as Los Angeles Dodgers retired his jersey number 34.

Although his jersey was not retired for over three decades, no one reportedly wore the No.34 since Valenzdeldonned it in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, many people have shown their curiosity about the former athlete’s fitness and health.

Fernando was known for his big build. However, his weight never prevents him from achieving great things in the field.

Let’s take a detailed look if the has lost weight recently.

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Fernando Valenzuela Weight Loss Before And After: Health Update 2023

Fernando Valenzuela doesn’t seem to have lost much weight. It has been nearly three decades since the 62-year-old returned from his playing career.

The sports broadcaster has a big belly. But we assume that he is in good health.

According to reports, Valenzuela struggled with weight-related issues throughout his career.

The Mexico-born athlete reportedly weighed 175 pounds when he made his debut in 1980, but by the mid-1980s, he had swollen to more than 200 pounds.

His weight increase impacted his performance and durability because of shoulder and knee injuries that limited his playing time. The media and fans also criticized him for being out of shape.

Valenzuela embarked on a tough weight-loss regimen that included nutrition, exercise, and liposuction in 1990. He shed roughly 20 pounds and improved his fitness.

He also pitched a no-hitter against the St. Louis Cardinals on June 29, 1990, becoming the first Mexican-born pitcher to do it.

However, despite his weight drop, he was released by the Dodgers in 1991 after failing a physical exam.

Valenzuela played for five more teams before retiring in 1997. After retiring, he maintained a healthy weight and became a commentator for the Dodgers’ Spanish-language radio station.

In addition, he coached the Mexican national baseball team in a number of international competitions.

He is widely considered one of his generation’s best and most influential pitchers, particularly among Latino baseball fans.

Baseball Is For Fat People

In 2015 Men’s Health published an article titled “Baseball is for Fatties, and Always Has Been.”

The article mentioned  Fernando Valenzuela as an example of a baseball player who struggled with weight issues throughout his career.

The publication claimed that baseball is a sport that does not reward conditioning and that many professional baseball players are overweight.

It cites Valenzuela’s weight gain in the mid-1980s, his weight-loss program in 1990, and his release by the Dodgers in 1991 as evidence of how his weight affected his performance and durability.

The magazine compares Valenzuela to other overweight baseball players, such as CC Sabathia, Freddy Garcia, and Prince Fielder.

It defended the “fatties of baseball” as being part of the American tradition of the sport and argued that baseball fans should not fat-shame the players or the fans.

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