Elijah Canlas Family : Parents Siblings & More

Elijah Canlas Family : In the vibrant world of Filipino entertainment, there shines a bright star named Elijah Canlas. His passion for the arts runs deep, and he comes from a family with a rich artistic background. Let’s dive into the fascinating story of Elijah Canlas and his talented family.

Elijah Canlas: The Rising Star

Elijah Canlas is a young and gifted actor and commercial model hailing from the Philippines. He discovered his love for performing at an early age and quickly impressed both audiences and reviewers with his exceptional skills.

Elijah’s breakthrough came with his critically acclaimed performance in the movie “Kalel, 15,” which earned him praise from prestigious ceremonies like the Gawad Urian Awards and FAMAS Awards. His ability to portray diverse characters has solidified his position in the world of entertainment.

The Artistic Roots of the Canlas Family

Elijah’s artistic journey gains a richer dimension when we explore his family’s involvement in the arts. His mother, Lyn Canlas, is a talented dancer and theatrical actor, originally from Bacolod. She raised her children with a deep appreciation for the performing arts, fostering their creative aspirations from a young age.

Elijah Canlas’ Family Background

Elijah Canlas was born on August 16, 2000, in Manila, Philippines. He is the second child of Rommel and Lyn Canlas and has two brothers named Jerom and JM. Both Jerom and JM have followed in their family’s artistic footsteps and have achieved success in theater, cinema, and television.

Rommel Canlas, likely Elijah’s father, has been a positive influence in his life, nurturing his love for the arts and supporting his dreams of becoming an actor. Lyn Canlas, Elijah’s mother, played a significant role in exposing him to the world of performing arts from an early age, setting the stage for his creative pursuits.

The Canlas Siblings: A Trio of Artistic Geniuses

Elijah’s older brother, Jerom, embraced the family’s creative heritage and flourished as an actor, leaving his mark in several movies, plays, and television series. His talent and expertise undoubtedly influenced Elijah’s growth as an actor.

The younger brother, JM, also dived into the world of acting and performing. Just like Elijah and Jerom, JM’s flair for the arts runs deep, making the Canlas brothers a trinity of artistic brilliance.

The Impact of Family Support

The Canlas family’s strong support for the arts has played a crucial role in Elijah’s journey to success. Their combined influence created an environment that encouraged his love for performing and allowed him to explore his potential in the entertainment industry.


Elijah Canlas is a rising star in the Philippines, and his talent shines brightly alongside his family’s artistic legacy. With his mother’s background as a dancer and theatrical actor and his brothers’ achievements in the entertainment world, Elijah comes from a family that truly values and cherishes the arts.

Their unwavering support and togetherness have undoubtedly contributed to the unique triumphs of each sibling. The Canlas family remains an inspiring example of passion, talent, and creativity in the colorful landscape of Filipino entertainment.