Complete Full Video: Remi Lucidi Death Video

Remi Lucidi Death Video – French daredevil Remi Lucidi Fall From Tregunter Tower Hong Kong (Watch Full Video).

Social media is being filled with comments in response to shocking news. Yes, we are referring to the terrible death of French daredevil Remi Lucidi. The public is becoming more aware of this news as it spreads online. People have a lot of questions after hearing this news. Remi Lucidi, a French daredevil of 30 years old known for his life-threatening feats in competitive sports, passed very suddenly following the startling fall from the 68-story Tregunter Tower complex in Hong Kong.

Remi Lucidi Death Video

The horrifying occurrence reportedly occurred as he was mounting the massive skyscraper. At the scene, where the incident took place, he was declared dead on the spot. Witnesses to the incident have related that he became stuck outside the penthouse on the ground floor and frantically hammered on a window, surprising the maid who was inside. People were astonished when this news broke on social media.

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Remi Lucidi Death Video

Officials in Hong Kong confirmed, according the story, that he showed up at the building at 6 p.m. and pretended to be visiting a friend who lived on the 40th level. Unfortunately, it was discovered after a while that he was unfamiliar with the said acquaintance. Aside from this, a security guard tried to stop him from entering the conveyor, but Lucidi managed to do so. CCTV footage of Luchidi’s travels through the structure showed him ascending to the 49th story before continuing on foot to the rooftop.

Additionally, the appropriate development in the timeline revealed that at 7.38 p.m., he was seen alive and rapping on the penthouse window. Officers discovered that he had a camera with him at the scene, and that it had films of his daring high-rise stunts, providing light on the fearless life he led. The official cause of his death has not been disclosed by the police. Yes, people continue to wonder about the reason of death. His friends and acquaintances are saddened by his passing and are sending their condolences to his family. We pray that God gave him eternal rest and provided his family the fortitude to endure this suffering.

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