CNN: Is Alisyn Camerota Pregnant 2023? Husband Tim Lewis And Kids

Many people have been asking, “Is Alisyn Cmerota pregnant?” amid the scandal. The anchor was spotted holding hands with the former CNN boss Jeff Zucker.

Alisyn Camerota is a well-known broadcaster and political commentator who is the current host of CNN Tonight.

The former CNN morning show New Day anchor has been with the famous news network since July 2014. With her professional career spanning over a few decades, the television personality has garnered significant fame and fortune.

Recently the prominent broadcaster has come into the spotlight due to Jeff Zucker. The pair were spotted walking together, holding hands. 

Camerota is a married woman with few children, so the incident has raised eyebrows. Meanwhile, many people are asking if Alisyn is pregnant. Find out the truth below.

CNN: Is Alisyn Camerota Pregnant in 2023?

No. The broadcaster Alisyn Camerota is not pregnant in 2023. There is no evidence related to it which is likely because she is not pregnant.

In addition, she is in her late 50s. The CNN official has gained much attention due to her recent scandal. Following the incident media and public’s interest in her personal life increased drastically.

Thus, the question about her possible pregnancy also arose due to it.

As reported by Daily Mail, former CNN Chief Jeff Zucker and Alisyn were spotted leaving Don Lemon’s house in the Hamptons hand-in-hand.

They departed the party together on 22 July 2023, just minutes before Jeff’s girlfriend exited the same event.

Alisyn and Jeff reportedly came back about 40 minutes after they left, but then they drove away in separate vehicles.

This incident has attracted a lot of public attention, and they think it could be more than just a friendly gesture between two buddies.

Jeff reportedly has a history of having affairs with CNN employees. His current partner Allison Gollust, 50, used to work with him at CNN.

Jeff resigned as president of CNN in February 2022 after he “did not reveal his relationship with Gollust when he was being investigated as part of the probe into Chris Cuomo.

Allison was CNN’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer until she quit for” ‘breaking company policy” for “improperly helping’ Governor Andrew Cuomo by agreeing to a set of questions before his live interviews.”

Who Is Alisyn Camerota Husband Tim Lewis?

Alisyn Camerota is currently married to her husband, Tim Lewis. The couple have been together since 2002. The pair have been married for over 20 years.

Tim appears to be a career-oriented person. He brings his “private equity investor, general manager, turnaround executive and management consultant” expertise to the lower middle market as a partner at Southfield Capital.

He has over 25 years of experience. As for his education, he earned his B.A. degree in Political Science from Yale University.

Camerota’s husband studied M.B.A. at Northwestern University. Tim has not made any comment on his wife’s recent scandal.

How Many Children Does Alisyn Camerota Have With Her Husband?

The married duo has three children together – a pair of twin daughters conceived via in vitro fertilization and a baby boy who was conceived naturally.

Camerota once disclosed that she and her spouse struggled to get pregnant for around three years as newlyweds.

In an article she wrote for CNN, Alisyn disclosed that she was devastated after two miscarriages and three failed in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Finally, in 2005, in vitro fertilization worked. The married duo were delighted to enter into parenthood. Surprisingly, the broadcaster got pregnant with her son naturally.