Chris Rooney Wife Emily Rooney, Yeet Baby, Missing : News

Chris Rooney Wife Emily Rooney, Yeet Baby, Missing : Chris Rooney has made quite a name for himself on social media as a TikTok star, content creator, and lovable uncle.

He has captured the hearts of millions with his endearing videos featuring his adorable niece, Marleigh, who is fondly known as “The Yeet Baby.” Let’s dive into the world of Chris Rooney, his family life, and the journey of “The Yeet Baby.”

Chris Rooney’s TikTok Stardom

Chris Rooney’s TikTok journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Collaborating with his niece Marleigh, they create viral videos that have garnered enormous popularity. With over 100,000 followers on his primary TikTok account and a staggering 5.1 million followers on Marleigh’s dedicated account, their charm and humor have captivated a massive audience.

The Yeet Baby Phenomenon

Marleigh, the two-year-old star, has become an internet sensation with her adorable attempts at pouring beverages. Chris, being the doting uncle, has documented her journey on TikTok, giving viewers a glimpse into her delightful antics. The moment she said her earliest word, “yeet,” “The Yeet Baby” was born, and the nickname stuck.

Chris Rooney’s Personal Life Wife Emily Rooney

While Chris’s TikTok fame soared, his personal life faced some challenges. He was previously married to Emily Rooney, who, like him, was seemingly a social media sensation. The couple often shared their love on social media, giving followers a glimpse into their happy moments.

The Struggles and Separation

Unfortunately, Chris and Emily’s relationship took a turn for the worse, leading to a divorce. The exact reasons behind their separation have been kept private, but rumors suggest that Chris’s battle with alcohol addiction and Emily’s miscarriage might have played a significant role.

A Tragic Loss

Emily’s openness about her miscarriage hints at the immense impact it had on both of them. Coping with such a loss can be extremely challenging, and it may have added strain to their marriage. The emotional toll of the situation and Chris’s struggles with alcoholism might have contributed to the difficulties they faced as a couple.

The Bright Side: Captivating TikTok Audiences

Despite their personal struggles, Chris and Marleigh continue to bring joy to TikTok audiences worldwide. The videos of “The Yeet Baby” pouring beverages and showcasing her growth in life skills have gained millions of likes and an ever-expanding audience.


Chris Rooney’s journey from a TikTok star to a doting uncle of “The Yeet Baby” has been an inspiring one. While facing personal challenges, he continues to bring happiness and laughter to millions. His bond with Marleigh and their delightful videos have made them beloved characters on TikTok. As they navigate life’s ups and downs, their fans stand with them, cheering for the joy they bring to the world.

With millions of followers on TikTok, Chris Rooney and his niece “The Yeet Baby” have captured the hearts of people worldwide. While facing personal struggles, they continue to bring joy and happiness to their dedicated audience. As they embark on new adventures, their fans eagerly await the next delightful video from this endearing duo.