Chandler Halderson Parents: Mother Krista Halderson and Father Bart

Chandler Halderson parents, Krista Halderson and Bart Halderson, were killed in 2021 by their son. Keep reading to find out more about their murder.

Chandler Halderson is an American man whose name came into the media after the news of his parent’s death was confirmed in 2021. He is from Wisconsin.

Chandler reported missing his parents in the summer of 2021, who claimed they left on a weekend getaway to their family cabin for July 4 weekend but never returned.

A huge investigation into their mysterious disappearances led investigators to make harrowing findings, including finding many bone fragments in their home’s fireplace.

Their murders gained significant media attention due to their shocking and gruesome details, and people wanted to know more about them.

Chandler Halderson Parents: Mother Krista Halderson and Father Bart

Chandler Halderson was born to his parents, Krista Halderson (mother) and Bart Halderson (father), in Windsor, Wisconsin, U.S., in 1998. Chandler lived in Oak Springs Circle with his mom and dad.

At the time of their murders, Bart was 50 years old, while Krista was 53 years old. Meanwhile, Chandler was not the only child of his parents as he grew up with his brother named, Mitchell Halderson. Mitchell is said to be 18 months older than Chandler.

On July 7, 2021, Chandler reported his parents missing. At the time, he claimed his parents headed to their cabin in Langlade County, Wisconsin, for the Fourth of July weekend. 

However, Halderson stated that his father and mother didn’t make it back by the time they said they would. Mitchell first heard about his parents’ supposed trip from his aunt.

Meanwhile, everyone was shocked when they knew that Chandler was the person involved in the murder of his parents. So, he is charged with two counts, each of first-degree intentional homicide.

The  false information on a kidnapped or missing person, maiming a corpse, and hiding a corpse. All of the eight charges in total are felonies.

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Explore Chandler Halderson Family Details

Chandler Halderson was born into an American family. His family consisted of his father, Bart Halderson, mother, Krista Halderson, and brother Mitchell Halderson.

Mitchell is still alive while their parents were murdered in 2021. The Halderson family came into media prominence after the news of Bart and Krista’s death was announced.

Apart from that, the family seems to have had some problems, as Chandler reportedly wanted his parents’ home. Apart from that, Halderson had posed as a successful college student who’d secured a job with SpaceX,

Halderson also bragged that he was a former police scuba diver, claimed to be an insurance salesman and lied to his girlfriend Cathryn about moving to Florida and having an apartment there.

He ultimately shot and killed his dad during a family dispute after Bart found out his son wasn’t enrolled at Madison College, where he’d sworn to have been studying renewable resource engineering.

After that, Halderson murdered his mother, Krista, when she returned home. Halderson then dismembered them and hid their remains in different locations across Wisconsin. 

Following the conviction, Chandler was  to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His news often makes headlines leaving everyone shocked by his cruel actions.