Catalina Usme Novia: Who Is Her Pareja Actual? Dating And Relationship

This article revolves around Catalina Usme novia. Mara Catalina Usme Pineda, a forward for América de Cali in the Colombian Professional Women’s League, is a Colombian soccer player.

She plays for the Colombian National Team, where she serves as the second captain.

On April 4, 2018, she scored four goals for the Uruguayan National Team to become the Colombian National Team’s all-time leading scorer. Colombia won the game 7-0.

She was able to surpass all other scorers in the 2020 Women’s Copa Libertadores. 

Catalina Usme was the first and only Colombian football player to be nominated for the Best Player in the World 2021 award by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) on October 29, 2021. 

She was nominated for the award as a result of her outstanding efforts in the 2020 Women’s Copa Libertadores and the 2021 Colombian Women’s Professional League, where she managed to score the competition’s first-ever goal. 

Be with us till the end to know about Catalina Usme novia and other personal information regarding her dating life.

Catalina Usme Novia: Who Is Her Pareja Actual? Dating And Relationship


Although Catalina Usme’s effect as a football player and LGBTQ champion is apparent, fans and admirers are curious about her personal life.

She isn’t dating right now. She has no romantic interests. There is no information on Catalina Usme’s relationships. 

There is no evidence that she is dating anyone on social media, and she has never spoken up about her personal life in an interview.

She regularly posted personal and professional Instagram images of her family and friends due to her social media activities.

But her partner hasn’t seen the photo. According to Instagram, she currently looks to be single.  

Usme’s concentration on her career, her team, and the Women’s World Cup 2023 shine a light on her dedication to the sport and her role as an ambassador for change.

However, specifics concerning her present relationship status are still unknown at this time.

Usme’s influence as a trailblazer goes far beyond the pitch, encouraging others all around the world to be true to themselves and enjoy their hobbies without fear of rejection, even though her personal life may continue to be kept hidden.

Dating And Relationship Of Catalina Usme

Catalina Usme, a renowned football player from Colombia, is a lesbian. She’s been outspoken about her sexual preferences but she has not revealed anything regarding her dating life.

The Colombian football player is a skilled competitor on the field and a role model for inclusivity and diversity in the sports industry.

Usme paved the road for LGBTQ representation in women’s football as an out lesbian player, and she continues to motivate supporters and other athletes.

Usme’s involvement in the Women’s World Cup 2023, which will be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand, will further highlight her story as she competes on a large scale.

Being an out lesbian athlete has required courage and tenacity on Catalina Usme’s part.

Usme’s decision to express her true self has dismantled boundaries and challenged prejudices in a sports field where LGBTQ representation has frequently been limited.

She serves as an example for LGBTQ people by being honest about her sexual orientation and demonstrating that they do not need to hide their identities in order to follow their ambitions. 

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