Biz Markie Disability: Was The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop Sick?

Many people are searching for Biz Markie disability. What illness did the late rapper have?

Marcel Theo Hall, professionally Bix Markie, was a renowned American rapper and singer. He gained notoriety after his single “Just a Friend” reached the Top 40 hit in many countries.

The prominent hip-hop artist died on 10 July 2021. It is not a mystery that he suffered for a long with health-related issues before his death. 

Let’s learn more about the late musician’s disability and illness before death in today’s short article.

Biz Markie Disability: Was The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop Sick?

The late American rapper Biz Markie had Type 2 diabetes, which he was diagnosed with in 2011.

According to American Diabetes Association, people with all types of diabetes are disabled. In addition, people with diabetes are protected under the Disabilities Act as people with disabilities.

This includes having access to jobs, public spaces, schools, and some advantages like Social Security and disability insurance.

Moreover, Markie told ABC News in 2014 that he had lost around 140 pounds after changing his diet and lifestyle because he wanted to live.

He said his doctors had warned him that he could lose his feet or other body parts if he did not care for his health.

Furthermore, Biz Markie had a stroke in 2020 and spent several months in the hospital. Diabetes problems also impacted his mental health.

His manager attested that he was receiving medical attention and was surrounded by experts who were striving to provide him with the best healthcare possible.

He sadly did not make a full recovery and passed away quietly with his wife by his side.

Also referred to as the Clown Prince of Hip Hop for his hilarious and carefree manner, Biz Markie was a renowned figure in hip-hop and beyond.

With his songs and character, he inspired a lot of musicians and delighted millions of admirers.

Biz Markie Hailed From Harlem, New York City

Biz Markie was born in April 1964 and was a native of Harlem, New York City. His parents are reportedly African-American.

He grew up on Long Island, where he became interested in hip-hop music and culture. His stage name was inspired by one of his inspirations, Busy Bee Starski, a pioneer of rap battles and freestyle.

Biz Markie was proud of his ethnicity and origin, and his music frequently featured African-American culture and history themes.

In his song “Albee Square Mall,” he refers to the famed Brooklyn shopping mall that was a hotspot for black businesspeople and artists in the 1980s.

He uses James Brown’s “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” in his song “Nobody Beats the Biz,” a funk anthem that glorifies black empowerment and tenacity.

In terms of his personal life, Biz Markie was married to Tara Hall, a nurse, from 2018 until his death. They had no children together, but Biz had a daughter from a prior relationship named Averi.

Markie was devoted to his family, dedicating his song “Just a Friend” to his daughter. He also thanked his wife for her support during his health troubles and professional hardships.

Biz Markie has left a legacy of joy, inventiveness, and positivism through his music and followers.

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