Anthony Farrer Scandal And Arrest Rumors: Scam Of Stealing $5 Million Dollars

The Timepiece Gentleman, aka Anthony Farrer scandal, is creating a major buzz online as he released a ‘My Fault’ Reddit post and later a video admitting a $5 Million USD debt using Watch Ponzi Scheme.

Anthony Farrer, 35, is the founder and CEO of the Timepiece Gentleman, a luxury watch retailer.

He has customers all around the globe contributing to his prison to the penthouse journey. But in recent days, he seems to be grabbing news headlines for his Watch Ponzi Scheme.

Anthony Farrer scandal began back in 2021 when he suddenly vanished with investors’ Millions of Dollars news broke out. But he returned later and continued his luxury watch trade business.

Anthony Farrer Scandal: Watch Ponzi Scheme of Over $5 Million Dollars

The incognito mode of Anthony Farrer and his company seemingly looked like a publicity stunt which helped him gain more followers than ever.

But a few weeks prior, Anthony Farrer made a video saying he lost the Richard Mille watch and said it was stolen when he was drunk at a bar.

Later in the video, he mentions that the watch resurfaced back on the market, and his clients got offers for the very same watch. But after a while, Anthony Farrer admits in his YouTube video that it was fake.

So, netizens are speculating about the story as a way out of what could probably be an insurance fraud scheme.

Furthermore, it is not the first time The Timepiece Gentleman owner said he got stolen.

Anthony once posted a story where he said his mates got robbed at gunpoint in LA and lost almost a dozen luxury watches that cost him more than a Million Dollars.

These all could be a part of his Watch Ponzi scheme everyone is talking about.

So, a Watch Ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud where dealers like Anthony Farrer promise to invest clients’ money in watches and generate high-value returns with no little risks.

However, instead of investing the money, fraudsters pay their previous clients who invested in them and keep some for themselves. And the only downfall or collapse cause for this scheme is when there are no new investors.

Now, a video surfaced on Reddit where Anthony Farrer admits his faults and states he is in at least $5 Million debt. After that, he released two videos back to back on his YouTube channel ‘Anthony Farrer.’

Anthony Farrer says, “I’ve Finally Hit Rock Bottom, $5 Million in debt.”

But the clients and professional watch dealers are criticizing Anthony Farrer scandal and saying his debt is stolen money that he spent on luxury apartments, cars, and vacations.

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Anthony Farrer Scandal: Charges And Arrest Rumor?

Apart from this Watch Ponzi scheme, Anthony Farrer is two times ex-felon. During his teens, he got so hooked on the city’s nightlife with alcohol addiction that later, he found himself behind bars in no time.

Later, he again served 16 months of jail time, during which he even missed the birth of his son. But now the rumors about his arrest are escalating quickly again with this latest Watch Ponzi scheme of over $5 Million Dollars.

However, there is no official police release or news about his arrest are out from any trustworthy sources yet.

Further, Anthony Farrer uploaded his second video on this Watch Ponzi fiasco a few hours earlier. Thus, it means he has not been arrested at least 10 hours ago.

Besides that, no other claims can be used to confirm his police arrest or charges per se.

Nevertheless, the internet users and victims of the Anthony Farrer scandal are heating up social media to demand actual truth and justice.

So, let the government officials do their work. Until then, sit back and wait for them to release the truth behind this expensive Anthony Farrer scandal.