Angus Cloud Mental Health Issue: Euphoria Star Battled With Depression

The death of the renowned Euphoria star sparked interest in Angus Cloud mental health issue. It looks like he was battling with depression which might be his cause of death.

Angus Cloud was an American actor who gained prominence for portraying Fezco in the critically acclaimed HBO series “Euphoria.”

Born in 1994, Cloud was known for his natural and authentic acting style, resonating with audiences.

Before his acting career took off, Cloud worked as a model and a store manager and had no prior acting experience.

However, his breakthrough came when he was discovered by the creator of “Euphoria,” Sam Levinson, offering him the role of Fezco.

His raw and compelling performance in the show received praise from critics and viewers.

The actor, just 25, stunned the world after his death was announced today. This has created curiosity among his fans to learn about his mental health issues.

Euphoria Star Angus Cloud Mental Health Issue

Angus Cloud, a promising actor renowned for his role in the HBO series “Euphoria,” passed away, as confirmed by his family in a statement to CNN on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Remembering Angus for his humor, laughter, and love for everyone, his family has requested privacy during this time as they process the profound loss.

Angus openly discussed his mental health battle, and his family hopes his passing will remind others that they should not face such challenges alone in silence.

The family has not disclosed the exact cause of his death but suggests it may be related to his struggle to cope with his father’s passing.

Reportedly, Cloud’s mother made a 911 call around 11:30 AM on Monday, where she mentioned a “possible overdose” and stated that Angus was unresponsive.

Tragically, he was later pronounced deceased at the scene by the Oakland Police Department and Fire Department.

Despite the initial reports and his mother’s assumption of a possible overdose, it has also not been clarified, and the death cause remains undetermined.

At 25, Angus was a rising star, and his breakout role as Fezco in the acclaimed HBO series “Euphoria” from 2019 to 2022 will be a lasting part of his legacy.

Before Tragic Death: Angus Cloud Battled With Depression

As mentioned earlier, Angus Cloud was battling the sour phase after losing his father and was reportedly depressed.

At the same time, the actor also suffered from mental health issues and used to vocalize his struggles.

Angus’ openness about his mental health battle is hoped to remind others that they are not alone and should not suffer in silence.

Angus was last in contact with TMZ in March 2022, passionately defending his show against allegations of glorifying drug use.

He firmly believed that “Euphoria” merely depicted the harsh reality of teenagers and young adults in contemporary America.

Among his other achievements, Angus Cloud has been involved in various film projects, including movies such as “The Line” and “North Hollywood.”

Additionally, he had cameos in music videos for artists like Becky G, Karol G, and Juice WRLD. He was working on two upcoming projects scheduled for release.

The family expressed profound sorrow at bidding farewell to an extraordinary individual today.

His recent struggle with the loss of his father, whom he considered his best friend, weighed heavily on him.

They find solace in knowing he is now reunited with his dad. As an artist, friend, brother, and son, Angus held a special place in everyone’s hearts.