Alex Pereira Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photo

During his training camp for UFC 287, Alex Pereira underwent a grueling weight loss process to make the Middleweight Championship limit.

In the world of professional mixed martial arts and kickboxing, few fighters have achieved Alex Pereira’s success. Hailing from Brazil, Pereira’s journey to greatness was far from easy. 

Growing up in a favela, he faced numerous challenges and fell into a dangerous path of addiction. However, through sheer determination and the sport of kickboxing, he managed to turn his life around and become one of the most formidable fighters in the world. 

This article will delve into Alex Pereira’s weight loss journey, exploring his hardships during his grueling weight-cutting process and how he transformed himself from an alcoholic teenager to a top-ranked UFC Middleweight Champion.

Alex Pereira Weight Loss Journey

Alex Pereira’s weight loss journey was a testament to his dedication and perseverance in achieving success as a professional fighter.

Pereira’s life story is one of resilience and determination. At 12, he had to drop out of middle school to work in a tire shop to support himself and his family. However, influenced by his colleagues, he fell into the trap of alcoholism, which further exacerbated the challenges he faced in life.

His life took a pivotal turn in 2009 when he decided to take up kickboxing to combat his addiction. The sport became a physical outlet for him and a path to redemption. Through his dedication and passion for kickboxing, Pereira started to regain control of his life and found a sense of purpose.

Little did he know that this decision would lead him to become one of the most accomplished fighters in kickboxing and MMA.

Alex Pereira Before And After Weight Loss Photo

Alex Pereira’s transformation throughout his weight loss journey is truly remarkable.

From battling alcohol addiction and working in a tire shop at a young age to becoming a dominant force in combat sports, his before-and-after photos tell a story of discipline and unwavering commitment.

In the “before” photo, a young Pereira struggles with the weight of his circumstances. The toll of alcoholism and a challenging upbringing are evident on his face. However, the “after” photo showcases a completely different individual.

Confident, determined, and physically fit, Pereira stands tall as a champion who has conquered his opponents and inner demons.

How Did Alex Pereira Lose Weight?

Alex Pereira’s weight loss journey leading up to UFC 287 was an intense and rigorous.

Cutting close to 45 pounds to make the Middleweight Championship weight limit was no small feat, and it required a combination of discipline and hard work. As with many fighters, the weight-cutting process involved dieting and gradual weight loss during the training camp.

However, the most challenging part came during the fight week leading to the official weigh-ins.

During this critical period, fighters like Pereira often cut water weight to meet the required limit. This involves strategic dehydration to shed excess water from the body, which can be both physically and mentally taxing.

Fighters like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Max Holloway have all looked drained and depleted during weigh-ins, illustrating the toll this process can take on the body.