Alex Eubank Hospitalized 2023: Illness And Health Update

Alex Eubank hospitalized news is all over the internet as the fitness influencer as he reportedly had a panic attack. Here’s more info about his health.

Alex Eubank is a well-known fitness trainer and social media personality who uses his handles to share his fitness content. Besides, Eubank is recognized for its fitness and bodybuilding content.

Furthermore, Alex has gained more than 1.11 million subscribers. In the same way, he can be followed on other social media platforms where he has over millions of followers.

Moreover, people also love him for his chiseled physique and exceptional strength. He is making headlines on the internet as Eubank was recently admitted to the hospital.

Alex Eubank Hospitalized 2023

Alex Eubank was recently hospitalized as he wanted to detox his body and attempted a 48-hour fast. Midway through, it took a turn for the worst as Eubank was sent to the hospital.

The fitness trainer believes that he suffered a panic attack. Eubank believes that his anxiety, parlayed with a lack of food, caused his body to go numb.

Furthermore, Eubank also posted a 32-minute long video on his , giving more details regarding his recent health scare.

It has been noted that Alex was taking some sort of performance-enhancing drug, and the fast might have been only to detox his body from it. 

In the video, Eubank stated that he has had breathing problems and heart palpitations and believes his anxiety is returning. 

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Alex Eubank Health Update

Alex Eubank was recently hospitalized and has already given his health update via his YouTube account. Eubank was at a movie theater when the episode started.

The fitness enthusiast started experiencing weird symptoms, and once this happened, he became overly aware of other aspects. At the end of his YouTube video, Eubank shared the details of his hospital visit. 

Likewise, he said he will be  a heart stress test and more bloodwork to ensure that everything is fine. At the time, the feeling was so bad that Eubank felt like he would die.

Alex ended his video by speaking about the importance of mental health. The video has already gained over 144k views, and it can be watched on the official YouTube channel of Alex.

Where Is Alex Eubank Now?

Alex Eubank is already out of the hospital and is recovering. He already gave an update regarding his health, and more updates can be explored by following him on Instagram as @alex_eubank15.

As Eubank recently had a health scare, people went to social media handles to talk about it and left sweet comments on Alex’s Instagram posts.

Some people have even compared Alex’s news with another YouTuber IShowSpeed, who recently shared a video of his eye injury. A person on Twitter said, “I hope Speed is alright, same with Alex Eubank and Larry Wheels.”

In addition to that, IFBB Pro fitness coach Greg Doucette expressed concern for Alex and gave his viewers tips on how to prevent such incidents.

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