7 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives For iPad Mini 6 : New

If you have been searching for the best apple pencil alternatives for iPad Mini 6 then odds are high that you might feel apple pencil expensive or you want to try something affordable or new pencil for iPad Mini 6. Right?

There is no doubt, on the market right now there are plethora of top-notch apple stylus alternatives available that not only deliver smooth performance but also have features like magnetic connection, palm rejection, and pretty good sensor. So yeah it’s wise to choose the new affordable pencil for the iPad Mini 6.

For that, here we have lined up the best apple pencil alternatives for newest iPad Mini 6 that you can consider buying without any doubt. So what’re we waiting for. Let’s begin.

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Best Apple Pencil Alternatives For iPad Mini 6 (2023)

1. Jamjake Stylus Pen For iPad Mini 6

Starting from the top, Jamjake is one of the most popular apple pencil alternatives for iPad mini 6 that bring several great features to the table. First thing first, the one comes with extra-long battery life which is effortlessly run up to 20 hours non-stop with a single charge. Plus auto-sleep mode is cherry on top.

Secondly, thanks to the 1.5mm point tip that promises to deliver smooth lag-free work which is pretty same as apple pencil. More importantly, when it comes to design then it looks pretty good several users have been praising it for it being super comfortable while writing and drawing.

This is easy to use pen which comes with smart touch switch so just touch on top of pen without any Bluetooth or app needed. Did I tell you this one comes with a palm rejection design?

Other than that, the quality of pen is quite fantastic it is durable plus comes in lightweight so you can effortlessly carry on your sketching.

Overall, if you want most trusted & best alternative of apple pencil for iPad mini 6 that delivers features & performance then you can’t go wrong with this one.

The Goods

  • Fantastic performance
  • Great battery life
  • Lightweight

The Bads

  • No color option available

2. Stylus Pen for iPad Mini 6

This is another best affordable apple pencil alternative for iPad mini 6 that comes in several pretty colors that you’ll gonna love it. Moreover, its sleek & attractive look is cherry on cake. When it comes to performance on tab then it’s superb thanks to unique design nibs which work super smooth & sensitive at the same time. So yeah you’ll get pen-to-pad experience.

On the downside, being a budget price point pen here you’ll get up to 10 hours of battery life in a single charger of 1-2 hours.

On the upside, the stylus pen has an ergonomic design & universally compatible so it allows you to use this pen on iPad, Android, iPhone, and other devices too.

Overall, if you want budget-friendly stylus pen for iPad mini 6 that delivers ultimate performance but less in feature then this on good to buy.

The Goods

  • Affordable Price
  • Attractive look

The Bads

  • Decent battery life

3. SwitchEasy iPad Pencil For iPad Mini 6

If you want a featureful apple pencil alternative for iPad Mini 6 then there is no better option than Swticheasy. The one delivers a premium modern look that is quite comfortable while writing & sketching. More importantly, The feature of tilt design allows you to draw or write at different angles.

What’s more is, being a premium class stylus you can expect the palm rejection technology that is really helpful while writing or doing some intense work. So yeah you can rest your palm on the iPad screen effortlessly.

Other than that, the switch easy stylus has been praising for its smooth and high sensitivity that will never disappoint you by lag.

The feature that impresses us is the fast charging although you can only work up to 10 hours in single charge but at the same time, it will charge in no time. So yeah pretty good. Plus auto sleep feature to save battery is a bonus.

Overall, if you want lots of new features & quality performance then SwitchEasy is a better option you can go with.

The Goods

  • Featureful
  • Fast charging
  • Affordable

The Bads

  • Battery life

4. Adonit Note Stylus Pen for iPad Mini 6

If a premium metallic finish with quite an attractive design is what you want then this one is ultimate choice you can pick. Not only does it feel super comfortable while writing or sketching but also deliver some top-notch feature with it like it 1 mm tip that gives ultra-fine quality to work on iPad. Plus as you may have expected at this price point it has a nature palm rejection feature so no worry while working.

There is some downside like it doesn’t have pressure sensitivity feature plus price range is a little bit high as compare to above stylus.

On the upside, it is easy to use with one-touch button plus performance is top-notch as of price point. When it comes to battery life then here you can use it up to 12 hours continuously. Although there is no fast charging support neither long battery life as Jamjake stylus in this price point.

Overall, if you want pretty standard quality & feature an apple pencil alternative for the iPad Mini 6 then you can’t go wrong with Adonit.

The Goods

  • Metallic design
  • Premium quality
  • Good battery life

The Bads

  • No pressure sensitivity

5. Fojojo Stylus Pen for iPad Mini 6

If you are looking for long battery life stylus plus some good features on a budget then Fojojo is worth a peek. Design wise it looks simple as apple pencil but yeah caters to a premium new look to the table. Huge thanks for providing 1.2mm point nibs that are super fine & smooth when you write or draw on new iPad mini 6.

What’s more, at this budget-friendly price you’ll get the palm rejection technology so feel free to put palm on screen while drawing. Moreover, as you completed your work just attach it to the tablet thanks to its magnetically attach feature.

This apple pencil alternative is superb when it comes to precision there is no lag found and users are praised for the same.

As I said earlier this one has long battery life of up to 20 hours you can work flawlessly without any issue of heating or lagging. Other than that, as above stylus here also you can turn pen by single tap on top. Did I tell you there are several color options are available to choose from?

Overall, this is a pretty good option if you are on budget and want features with good performance.

The Goods

  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Featureful

The Bads

  • Cheap design

6. Joyroom iPad Pencil

If you want low price best apple pencil alternative for iPad mini 6 then Joyroom makes for a good buy. The joy room pencil is mostly popular among the students who love drawing. Furthermore, the pencil has a palm rejection feature so you can effortlessly draw on iPad with rest your hand on the screen.

When it comes to design then the pencil brings an elegant look thanks to the premium finish white body. Not only it is comfortable to use but also it’s light in weight.

Lastly, at this price point Joyroom brings to us an budget-friendly apple pencil alternative that several users have been praising for that.

The Goods

  • Have features
  • Lightweight

The Bads

  • Sleek design

7. Yoyomax Stylus Pen for iPad Mini 6

If you want best of both worlds like good looking plus long battery life stylus pen then one from yoyomax makes for a good buy. In the budget price segment, this apple pencil alternative provides 10hours of working on top of that with only 1 hour of charging. Impressive right?

The tip is super fine metallic that provides smooth movements. Moreover, several users are praised for the lightweight while using for drawing or taking notes. With just one click button you can start enjoying pencil on your iPad mini 6.

Lastly, if you want low price best looking apple pencil alternative for iPad mini 6 then yoyomax won’t disappoint you.

The Goods

  • Smooth writing
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

The Bads

  • Standard battery life
  • Stylish

Top Apple Pencil Alternatives For iPad Mini 6

A good alternative of an apple pencil also works well whether you love to draw or write a lot, above were the perfect options you can consider buying at a budget price that works as good as apple stylus. However, As you go up on the price ladder you’ll get some added new features like palm rejection, premium quality, and more. So yeah choose wisely.

Affordable Best Apple Pencil Alternative For iPad Mini 6: FAQ’s

What can be used instead of Apple Pencil?

There are plethora of affordable apple pencil-like pencil which is compatible with iPad mini 6 that you can use instead of apple pencil. Not only apple pencil alternative come with features like palm rejection and other but also deliver top-notch quality while drawing and sketching.

Does the Apple Pencil 1 work on iPad mini 6?

No, the apple pencil 1 is not compatible with the latest iPad mini 6, you have to buy an alternative or apple pencil for iPad mini 6.

Does iPad mini 6 have magnets?

Yes, the iPad mini 6 comes with a magnetic system through which you can easily attach iPad mini 6 cases.

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