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Best grips for Xbox series X controllers from latest to popular.

No doubt, it’s quite frustrating when do or die game is going on & the Xbox series X controller turns a bit slippery with sweat, and suddenly you lose the winning game. Undoubtedly it feels like biting someone’s head off, Is that the same case with you? Don’t worry, here is the solution. Thankfully, there are plethora of grips for the Xbox series X controller are available in the market that helps you come out with sweaty situations & provide the necessary grip to your controller.

More importantly, it’s your choice to add grips to button or cover whole controller. So if you are planning to invest in your X Controller then here I compiled the best grips for Xbox series X controllers that you can consider buying.

Best Grips For The Xbox Series X Controller (2023)

1. eXtremeRate PlayVital Anti-Slip Silicon Cover Skin

Here is the first item on the list for one who loves to keep things standard & wants a perfect quality grip for long run. The high-quality silicone case with precisely cut adds a hand-some look to X controller, Plus the non-slip 3D studded grip skin feels you in gameplay that prevents slip while sweating. So no worry about that.

When it comes to quality & things then here eXtremerate skin comes with best quality material that protects your X controller from scratches, dirt, and spilling as well. In the pack, it comes with 1 pcs silicon skin and 3 pairs of thumbs grip caps in several designs. That’s pretty much for perfect gameplay without frustrating.

Overall, if you are looking for genuine perfect fitting cover skin for your X controller and want standard griping then I recommend you to check out this one for sure.

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2. YoRHa Silicone Cover Grip Skin For X / S controller

Here is another best skin case for the Xbox series X controller, YoRHa silicon cover skin case is all about quality grips. Unlike above one, here you get more gripping positions as well as more thumb grips. This item is for one who likes to hold more grips. If we talk about its material quality then it provides you medical grade silicone made cover that pretty good to handle scratches, & of-course prevent from slipping.

In the pack, you will get one silicone skin with 10 pro thumb grips. So you can enjoy your gaming with different textures of thumb grips.

As per review on amazon, it gains lot attraction because of high grips & perfect fitting to x /s controllers.

Overall, If you want quality with more 3d grips & extra thumbs grips in a standard look then you can’t go wrong with YoRHa case.

3. YoRHa Printing Silicone Thickened Cover Skin Case

Looking for something different, unique skin case for your X controller? If yes, then this graffiti printing grip cover is definitely for you. Another ultimate item from YoRHA to prevent damage & comfortable gripping throughout the game in a new look. This graffiti 3d print provides whole x controller a perfect grip plus thumb grips have several different textures for better-gripped movement.

What’s more, quality is top-notch but just like every product, it loses its charm as it gets used more. Other than that, it gives gorgeous look while playing games.

Overall, If you are fond of new things & want to try graffiti printed grips on your X controller then you can’t go wrong with this.

4. Playrealm FPS Thumbstick Extender & Printing Rubber Silicone Grip Cover

Here is another ultimate grip cover for one who wants to enhance accuracy with a fancy style extender then it good to go. If you love playing games that need precision for instance shooting, racing then this thumb grip cover makes your game awesome, it gives you extra grip & also it would extend to height for perfect gameplay.

Playrealm comes with plethora of fancy design thumb grips to make your X controller a new look, talking about quality than its good.

What’s more, material of thumbstick extenders comes in plastic/PC whereas thumb grips come with silicone. In pack, you will get 2 x thumbsticks plus 2 x thumb grips.

Overall, This item is for one who want thumb extender plus grip to play serious gaming without slipping.

5. Grips for Xbox Series X Controller, Pandaren Studded Anti-Slip Silicone Cover

Last but not least, another good quality enhanced grip cover that you can consider buying. It provides you both side thick griping for better comfortable & long gameplay without any sweating slip. All the things are almost same as above, except quality of material which is pretty good here too. The best thing I like here is its multi-color choice which is unlike as above. Here you will get 9 color options to choose from, so choose your favorite one.

Apart from that, Here company will ship 1 x controller skin with 8 x thumb grips cover. That’s pretty much great as per price segment.

Overall, if you want to try hands-on different themes that provide good grips with perfect to fit in your X controller then you can consider buying.

6. CHINFAI Xbox One S/X Controller Grip Skin 

If you’re looking for thick grips X controller skin that comes in non-slip design then this is another good option you can consider. The one comes in five different colors option that looks really fantastic. When it comes to quality then I’d say it’s pretty good as of price but here it only provides 1 controller grip skin plus 4 sets of thumbstick caps.

Aside from that, as per users’ grip skin is perfect fits on the X controllers, which looks promising. So no worry about that.

Overall, if you want simple & budget-friendly X box series X controller protective cover grip skin then this is another good option to check out.

Wrapping Up: Best Grips & skins for the Xbox Series X Controller

These were the best grips for X controller you can try, and say goodbye to sweat hand. After applying X controller skin & thumb grip you can also be free from scratches, spilling, and dust. So now there is no reason to lose the game again.

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